SEO for Beginners

Tools of Travel Blogging

You have a beautiful, well-written travel blog, so why are only 2,000 people reading it each month? SEO helps people find your blog via Google searches. But you also don’t want to sell your soul and only crank out dozens of generic Top 10 lists each month, of course. This beginners’ course will help you learn how to make your travel blog search engine friendly without forgoing why you created your blog in the first place; to write well about travel. You can easily incorporate the basics. Don’t ignore SEO: It’s not completely intuitive, but it’s not rocket science either.


1. Search engine optimization is not as intimidating as it sounds.
2. Algorithms/search details change several times a year. What worked last year may not be as effective today.
3. With all the different ways to make your blog found via search, you can pick the two or three that work best for you and stick with them.