From Hobby to Small Business to Funding

Business of Travel Blogging

Co-founder and CEO of Matador Network, Ross Borden took a tiny, unknown travel site founded in 2006 with $11,000 and grew it into a thriving business now worth millions. He and his team have built one of the most-read travel sites on the Web, raised money from angel investors, and turned down multiple acquisition offers in favor of instead continuing to grow the business. He has worked with ad networks, closed 6-figure direct ad deals with fortune 500 companies and created new revenue models for travel content. Most of all, Ross has made A TON of mistakes and hopefully this talk will save you from making some of the same ones.


This session will teach you about balancing the importance of traffic vs monetization, evaluating and managing multiple revenue streams, and raising money to take your blogging from a hobby to a real business and beyond. We will look at ways to identify potential revenue streams that you may be overlooking, as well as dissect advertising in all of its various forms, while exploring promising new revenue opportunities that are alternatives to traditional advertising.