Creating a Business with your Blog

Beyond the Blog: Business of Travel

For many of us, our blogs are not the end game but instead a starting point for new projects and business opportunities.

This panel will discuss how to leverage your blog’s brand and influence, as well as your professional skills, into other business projects and passions. Take the core competencies that you’ve honed while running your blog and social media channels and position those skills as value-added to others. This begins with a business plan not only for your blog, but also more importantly for the broader business you’d like to develop. It continues with engaging potential clients and projects that fit your values and brand.

Because of the rapid evolution of the blogging and social media landscape, there are a variety of ways to do this. The panelists will share examples of how it can be done as well as the themes common to those bloggers who have successfully extended themselves beyond their blog.


1. Understand the importance of business planning, positioning and marketing not only in building a successful blog, but also in pursuing broader business objectives, projects and causes.
2. How to take stock in and leverage the success, skills and influence you’ve built in your blog to snag other business opportunities in line with your blog’s brand and values.
3. How to balance the continued growth of your blog with managing and pursuing other business opportunities and projects.