Advanced Web Design: How to Build the Best Blog on Earth

Tools of Travel Blogging

Founder of and former designer for WordPress, John O’Nolan has built blogs for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Virgin Atlantic, Micosoft, Nokia and Ubisoft. In this session, the secrets behind what make good websites work will be revealed to you. You’ll be shown the most important factors which control the ultimate success or failure of a website – focusing on design, user experience, psychology, and usability. Want to take your site to the next level? This is the session for you. This is an advanced session – but you don’t need to know code to benefit from it. The session will feature lolcats, dubstep, and Red Bull.


1. Easy fixes for your site to make it better and faster, from 15 years of experience.
2. Learn what makes your users *really* tick. Did you know that your perception of time is slowed by 15 seconds per minute when you look at the colour blue?
3. Become more attractive to the opposite sex, and discover the meaning of life.
4. Take part in a quiz (with prizes) to decide which 2 of the above 3 TakeAways are authentic.