Farewell Fort Lauderdale: TBEX North Amercia 2015 Clips

paddle boarding fort lauderdale

A very big THANK YOU to our host Fort Lauderdale and all your partners for the hard work it took to make TBEX North America 2015 a big success. Also a big THANK YOU to the team at Visit Florida, along with all our other TBEX sponsors. You support of the TBEX community is greatly appreciated.

We had a great time in Fort Lauderdale, from the FAM trips to the tours and activities around the city, from the warm hospitality of the convention center staff to the delicious food at all of the events, from the (mostly) warm sunshine to the days of professional development. Through it all, it seems like everyone you a wonderful time.

As you’re writing about your time at TBEX, what you discoverd in Fort Lauderdale, how you enjoyed your day trips and activities as well as your blogger FAM trips, what you learned that will improve your craft, grow your business, or build your community, we want to collect your “clips.”

Please add your link for content created as a result of attending TBEX North America 2015 to our list below. To do so, click on the Add Your Link icon at the bottom of the post (you’ll find it at the bottom of all the existing links). That will open a form to easily allow you to add your link to the list of TBEX clips. Please use the title of your story/blog post in the “name”  field. The links are moderated so please be patient if your link doesn’t appear right away, and please don’t enter your link more than once.

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