To Be or Not to Be (An Affiliate)


IMG_4334Affiliate. It’s a polarizing word, and most bloggers fall into one of two camps:

  • Anti-Affiliate Bloggers refuse to sign up for any affiliate program. They believe it’s a foolish strategy that takes up valuable blog real estate, distracts readers, pays dismal rates, and makes the blogger look like an amateur.
  • Pro-Affiliate Bloggers see an affiliate program as an easy way to generate extra revenue while sharing great products with their readers.

Which one are you?

Stephanie Yoder of has used affiliate partnerships for years and found it as one of the easiest ways to monetize her blog when she started. She suggests that people who are getting into the world of affiliates pick just a few companies that they know and love. “I try to limit the amount of companies I represent to ones I truly believe in. My audience trusts me and I wouldn’t want to exploit that,” she writes.

And she’s right. Bloggers should feel a connection to the product they are endorsing – it makes the referral actually real. Would you tell your readers to visit a country you’ve never been to? Of course not. The same holds true for product referrals.

Your readers believe that your blog was created for their interests – not your own. They expect for you to look out for them, and any recommendations you make fall into that expectation. So when you’re promoting an affiliate, it’s important to keep your readers in mind. Ask yourself, “Is this truly of value to my audience? Or is it just an attempt to make more money for me?”

Regarding her own affiliate program, Stephanie says, “Nobody likes a sales pitch, so I don’t push. I just try to provide useful information.” Your blog isn’t a Ron Popeil-esque infomercial, and if you are tempted to add “But wait…there’s more!” to a blog post, you may need to redirect the post to a more reader-focused topic.

As a company with an affiliate program, RoamRight encourages travel bloggers to consider using affiliate links. And, in an effort to help you understand the benefits of RoamRight, we have a travel insurance plan available exclusively to our affiliate blogger partners. Again, how can you properly promote a product when you haven’t used it? (Want to learn more about this unique opportunity? Visit us at TBEX in Ft. Lauderdale!)

If you are in the anti-affiliate camp, we fully respect that decision. In fact, some of our favorite bloggers will never advertise for RoamRight on their website. We understand that. We’d still love to meet with you at TBEX. After all, we’re always looking for freelance writers to help out with our own blogging and social media platforms. Come visit us at Table 5!

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