Important Announcements: TBEX Dublin Badges & Speed Dating Schedules


TBEX Dublin is nearly upon us, and we wanted to take a moment to remind attendees of some very important things before everyone descends on Ireland and starts taking advantage of that famous Irish hospitality.

TBEX badges

TBEX badges

You Must Have Your Badge At All Times

You’ll pick up your badge at registration or, if you’re unable to get to registration on Wednesday, at the opening night party at the Guinness Storehouse. You don’t need a printed ticket in order to pick up your badge, you’ll just need ID so we can verify that you are who you say you are. After that, you must keep your badge on your person for all TBEX events – including parties and the conference sessions. If you’re asked to show your badge at an event and you don’t have it, you’ll have to leave the event. This also means there are no “plus ones” allowed at events – if someone isn’t a registered attendee with a badge, they can’t get in. And don’t lose your badge, either, because we won’t be reprinting lost badges. In other words? That badge is truly your ticket into everything TBEX-related. Don’t lose it, and make sure you have it with you at all times!

TBEX Speed Dating

TBEX Speed Dating

You Must Print Your Own Speed Dating Schedule

We’re not pre-printing everyone’s schedules for Speed Dating this time. You’re responsible for printing your own Speed Dating schedule to bring with you, or for getting it onto a mobile device you can access on-site. If you have a smartphone, you can open BloggerBridge online right from your phone to see your Speed Dating appointment schedule. Keep in mind that although the conference venue does have WiFi, when every TBEX attendee is trying to access their Speed Dating schedules at the same time it may get bogged down. If in doubt, print it and bring a hard copy with you. Also note that Open Marketplace on day two has no appointment scheduling feature. It’s a chance to walk around, meet and greet people, and have casual conversations. So you’ll only need to print out a schedule for Speed Dating on day one.

No Exceptions

These are strict rules, folks. Please remember – we are sold out for TBEX Dublin, so we won’t be able to make exceptions. Thanks for your help in making TBEX Dublin run smoothly!


  1. Maybe I missed it… But where and what times is registration on Wednesday? The email confirmation of my payment (which acts as a ticket?) doesn’t mention it.
    Thanks for mentioning its available at the opening night party… if i can’t get i earlier at least I can get it there 🙂

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