Who’s Talking about TBEX 12

Wow!  Who’s talking about TBEX?

You are, that’s who!

  1. TBEX Pushes Travel Blogging Industry to New High
  2. TBEX 12 Official Video:  800 Travel Geeks on a Mountain
  3. Travel Blogger Exchange 2012: Three Questions for Next Year
  4. First Thoughts on TBEX 2012
  5. Travel Blog Exchange Grows Up
  6. TBEX 2012 Welcoming Party aka Soiree at the Summit
  7. Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) 2012 Recap VLOG
  8. TBEX 2012 Day 1 & The Expedia Summer Shindig
  9. Foodie Paradise Found during TBEX 2012 Taste of Vail Resorts Opening Event
  10. At TBEX, I met people who inspired and at the same time exhausted me–there’s so much to do!
  11. This Week in Travel Live TBEX 2012 Episode #117
  12. 9 Education Lessons from TBEX Travel Blog Conference
  13. TBEX 2012 review and my 1st Blogiversary! Hard work paying off
  14. 16 Things To Do As A Travel Blogger Now That TBEX ’12 Is Over
  15. Blame it on the Altitude
  16. Experiencing TBEX 2012 | Part 1: An Overview
  17. The 2012 Travel Blog Exchange Conference Hits a New High in the Colorado Mountains
  18. TBEX 2012 in Keystone, Colorado
  19. The Beautiful Scenery of the Colorado Rockies
  20. TBEX Takeaways
  21. TBEX Wrap-up: Bloggers We Love!
  22. Slideshow:  My First TBEX Experience
  23. Photo Op:  TBEX Collage
  24. A writer is a writer is a writer (or what I learned at TBEX’12)
  25. I Had a Great Time at TBEX
  26. TBEX ’12 – Passion, Parties and Passing the Torch
  27. Hitchhiking, Hot Tubbing and Hobnobbing at TBEX
  28. Can Someone Help Me Find My TBEX V-card? I Seem to Have Lost it
  29. C.C. Chapman Shares His Experience at TBEX
  30. Tales From a TBEX First Timer
  31. The Responsibility Travel Bloggers Have to the Travel Community
  32. Blogging: fad or emerging market?
  33. TBEX 2012: Kelley’s 5 Takeaways from the Travel Blog Exchange
  34. Southwest Takes TBEX by Storm!
  35. Travel Blogging Heroes and Lola’s TBEX Stage Fright
  36. Rocky Mountain High: Avoiding Altitude Sickness in the Colorado Mountains
  37. Rocky Mountain High: The Colorado Fires
  38. 10 favourite TBEX 12 moments
  39. Top 10 travel writing tips
  40. Travel Blog Exchange in Keystone a bonanza for Colorado tourism – The Denver Post
  41. Portland to Denver for TBEX
  42. Welcome to Denver
  43. Pub Crawls Require A Good Snooze!
  44. Penny Parker’s On The Town: Travel bloggers gathered in Keystone to blab about Colorado
  45. 50 Shades Of Awkward: My Tbex Experience
  46. Travel Blogging Goodness: TBEX 2012, Keystone, Colorado
  47. Colorado through new eyes – TBEX in Keystone
  48. Travel writers and editors descend on Denver and Keystone this weekend
  49. Reflections of TBEX 2012: Keystone Took My Breath Away
  50. TBEX 2012 Rasied the Professionalism Bar for Travel Bloggers
  51. TBEX 2012 Adventure Begins with Cottonelle
  53. The Swagalicious TBEX ’12 Keystone Colorado
  54. Keystone Host to TBEX 2012 Did Not Disappoint
  55. Plenty of altitude at TBEX ’12 in Keystone, CO
  56. Photos: Keystone Mountain Colorado Gondola Ride
  57. Colorado Mountain Express DIA to Keystone TBEX ’12
  58. TBEX 12 Keystone Expedia Summer Shindig
  59. TBEX ’12: A Conference for Travel Bloggers
  60. A Newbie’s Ultimate Guide to TBEX
  61. Hotel Riches for Not Much Money
  62. TBEX Conference 2012 Recap
  63. The Whirlwind Experience of TBEX 12 Con
  64. Your Know You Were at TBEX If. . . .
  65. Line Dancing in Keystone (video)
  66. TBEX’12 in Keystone, Colorado
  67.  How TBEX is Just Like Eating at In-N-Out
  68. TBEX ’12: By Far the Best Ever
  69. Improving the relationship between PR and travel bloggers
  70. How to be a Better (Quality) Blogger
  71. The Best of TBEX 2012: My Official Write-Up Including Formal & Saucy Photos
  72. TBEX Review: Dirty Secrets Addition
  73. TBEX, Where heaven is a tent of chocolate
  74. TBEX 2012, In Very Brief
  75. Everything Everywhere Travel Blogger Gary Arndt Talks TBEX And Blogging
  76. Johnny Jet Talks Airline Travel And Tbex
  77. Kicking It Up In Keystone: Conference Rates Make Travel Great
  78. What Successful Brands Know that You Don’t
  79. YOU. . . .

I know we’re missing a lot of blog posts about TBEX in Keystone, but if I waited to make sure that I had everyone on this list, the post would never get up.  And that means you’d miss out on reading what your fellow travel bloggers have to say.

So, if we’ve missed your blog post, or one that you know about, please leave the link in the comments or send us an email so we can add it.  Let’s see just how high this list will go.

Now, who is ready for Costa Brava?

Photo credit:  TheSeafarer via TBEX flickr photo pool


  1. Here is my TBEX post. A Newbie’s Guide to TBEX!


  2. Great Round-up!

  3. Here’s another viewpoint sharing in the love.

  4. Mary Jo Manzanares says

    The list has been updated with some new posts.

  5. Here’s my TBEX Post: How TBEX is Just Like Eating at In-N-Out

  6. Mary Jo Manzanares says

    Added a few more posts that were recently published.

  7. Yeee Hawww, great round up, looking forward to Spain….the wine, the cheese, the architecture…and TBEX.
    See ya there. Safe travels,

  8. Jennifer Rudolph says
  9. Mary Jo Manzanares says

    Updated the list to add a few more posts. If we’re missing yours, feel free to leave the link in the comments or email us.

  10. A Bit of Culture in Denver –> http://nickstravelbug.com/tbex/culture-in-denver/


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  2. […] TBEX 2012, this year’s North America event, was held in Keystone, Colorado, on June 16-17th, and was hailed as a turning point for TBEX. Registration for the event was well over 700, representing a combination of travel bloggers and writers, destinations, brands, and PR representatives. The event was a huge success, and while I may be a little biased, you don’t need to take my word about it, just read what others have to say about TBEX 2012. […]

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