March 2020
In this episode, we talk about COVID19’s impact on the travel industry and our daily lives. We start with how fast the pandemic spread in Italy, and our decision-making process to reschedule TBEX Europe 2020 in Catania Italy. We also talk about new dates for TBEX Europe 2020. We then have an in-depth discussion with...
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The first round of speakers at TBEX North America 2020 is a collection of highly accomplished travel professionals who will provide travel media – including tourism brands, content creators, influencers and vloggers – with constructive information, tools, and innovative strategies for success in the current travel and tourism space. TBEX North America 2020 in Lafayette,...
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We are very happy to announce TOMIKO HARVEY of Passports and Grub has joined the TBEX Events team a TBEX North America Conference Director! She teams up in this role with award winning author, blogger and publisher, Tim Leffel. Tomiko is an African American travel blogger and self-confessed travel junkie. She is an accomplished speaker and...
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Dear TBEXers, We have made the decision to re-schedule TBEX Europe 2020 in Catania until later this year. This decision was made in an abundance of caution to protect the safety of our attendees, sponsors, staff, hosts in Catania and their respective families, loved ones and communities. We are discussing the best possible dates with...
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