Plans for TBEX Europe 2020 Continue After Concerns over CoronaVirus in Italy Confirm Sicily Is Secure & Safe

UPDATE: Given the global changes regarding covid19 since the original date of this post, it is no longer completely accurate. Please refer to an updated blogpost here.

Message from TBEX Events CEO, Rick Calvert, concerning the status of the CoronaVirus in Italy

Most, if not all of you, have seen the news that there is a CoronaVirus outbreak in northern Italy. It has so far been concentrated in the Lombardi and Veneto regions in northern Italy.  Italian authorities have canceled some public events in Milan and Venice.

We are checking the latest news in Italy constantly and will offer continued updates in the TBEX Europe 2020 Catania Facebook Group for attendees as we are provided with official  information or details.

As of this moment, everything is going forward as planned for TBEX Europe 2020 in Catania, but the safety of our attendees, sponsors and staff remain by far, our most important concern.

24 February 2020

Italy’s head of civil protection announced in a press conference today that they believe they have isolated the current cases of CoronaVirus in Italy, and appear to avoid spreading the virus to other areas. As of today, safety measures there are scheduled to return to normal on March 1st. He said there are currently no travel restrictions for tourists, and no cases of the virus in the southern part of the country. Stand by for more news as we hear.

I (Rick Calvert) also spoke to a representative from the National Tourist Board in Italy. They hope to have a formal reply by tomorrow 25 February, and expect to have reassuring news.

Press Conference (in Italian language) from the President and Mayors of the Sicilian Region

The message from today’s press conference with the President and Mayors of the Sicilian Region is dedicated to ITB and TBEX Events, and is clear and simple:


Conferenza stampa sull'emergenza Coronavirus (Catania, 24 febbraio 2020)

Conferenza stampa sull'emergenza #Coronavirus#Sicilia #CoronavirusItalia #Covid19 #Covid19Italia Regione Siciliana – Dipartimento Regionale della Protezione Civile ANCISicilia Costruire Salute Ruggero Razza Nello Musumeci

Posted by Regione Siciliana on Monday, February 24, 2020

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