Veronika Primm is a blogger for TravelGeekery, a Czech native and a Prague resident. She talked to us about what it’s like to live in the Czech capital.

Prague is a great place to live. I moved into the city for University studies well over 10 years ago. Originally from Moravia, I found home in Prague and even after a few years abroad, I never felt so drawn to other cities.

What’s it like to live in Prague, you ask? Let me break it down for you:

Earnings to Cost Ratio

If you score a good job in Prague, you can have an easy life full of pleasures. The cost of living in Prague is comparatively lower than in other European capitals. You can go for a meal out whenever you please. Drinks with friends, especially if you’re a beer drinker, will not make a hole in your pocket.

Vibrant Cultural Scene

Easter Market at Prague’s Old Town Square

If you don’t want to sit at home in the evening on any day of the week, you don’t have to! There’s always something happening in Prague. From theatre performances to concerts to exhibitions… it’s easy to find something suitable for any taste. But actually, the longer I’ve lived in Prague, the lazier I get in the evenings and the less I go to all these events! J

Food, Food and… Food!

Living Like a Local in Prague
A perfect Vietnamese noodle bowl at one of Prague’s trendy bistros

Speaking of taste – Prague’s food scene has made a giant leap in the last 5-10 years. In the past eating out was rarely a guarantee of quality unless you were willing to splurge. And you’d find mostly Czech food anyway. These days? You can either taste modern Czech cuisine with international flare, or you can go fully international: Japanese ramen, Indonesian rendang, Perfect Italian pizza and pasta, American burgers and BBQ, Belgian mussels… you name it, it exists in Prague.


Prague is a beer lover’s paradise! Apart from the bigger brand breweries supplying the capital, such as Staropramen, there’s a lot of microbreweries. And you can always find beers from all corners of the country and the world. E.g. IPA beers are quite trendy these days and any bistro or a café will have a decent selection of these.

Coffee & Cafés

Living Like a Local in Prague
Perfect cups of capuccino at one of Prague’s many stylish cafés

If you wanted to try all the great cafés in Prague even if your visit was for a month, it would guarantee a serious caffeine overdose – there are just too many!

Modern design interiors, high quality roasts, flawless wifi, delicious cakes and friendly staff – that’s a recipe being replicated at the speed of light these days in Prague. Some of the most café-heavy neighborhoods include e.g. Vinohrady or the New Town.

Hipsters will feel at home and Instagrammers will have perfect backdrops for their Insta-famous shots.

Nature in the City

Riegrovy Sady with a view of Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Riegrovy Sady with a view of Prague Castle

If you don’t get out of the Old Town, you might not even realize how green Prague is. I often go with friends to hike the outskirts of Prague. For example, when strolling through the Natural Reserve Šárka, you’d hardly know you’re still in the metropolis.

Prague’s parks offer an oasis within the city center. Some of the larger parks such as Stromovka or Havlíčkovy sady will even provide you with your forest bathing fix. Plus, many of the parks feature beer gardens! Whoever thought of combining nature with beer was a pure genius. If your eyes just lit up, head to one of these parks: Riegrovy sady or Letná park.

Public Transport

You absolutely don’t need a car to get to any destination within the city limits. That makes it a lot easier for us locals, especially for our trips to and from work. The public transport is fast and efficient and quite easy to navigate. We all use the DPP app to find the most efficient connections.

A ticket to Prague public transport covers even the funicular to the Petřín Hill and short ferry rides from one bank of Vltava river to the other!

It’s Not as Touristy as You Might Think

The Church of St. Ludmila - Veronika TravelGeekery
One of Vinohrady hearts – The Church of St. Ludmila. Not touristy at all!

Unless you have an apartment right in the city center, you’ll see that Prague is usually rather peaceful. I once stayed at an apartment directly on the super busy Národní třída with windows onto the boulevard and that was not fun at all. I’d be awakened by drunk tourists at least once per night, every night! But that concerns just the most central areas. In my apartment in Vinohrady, it’s the sun and the birds that wake me up on the weekends.

Prague as a Hub

Prague is quite well connected with the rest of the world. Flights from here leave to all possible directions. While we don’t have such a plethora of low cost flights like Berlin or Vienna, you can still score great deals. Plus, there are excellent bus and train connections! I never run out of options for trips J


So, have I convinced you that living in Prague is actually pretty awesome? If you plan to move to my beloved Prague, let me know and we can go for a beer together. J

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