Applications Now Open for TBEX Asia/Pacific 2016 FAM Trips

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The application process for TBEX Asia/Pacific Blogger FAM trips is now open. These FAM trips start after the conclusion of TBEX. There are limited spaces available on these trips, so review the information carefully to make sure it is a good fit for you and your readers. The trips are of varying lengths in duration, but all start on October 17th, the day after TBEX ends.

You must be a registered attendee of TBEX Asia/Pacific to apply for these trips. (If you’re not yet registered, please go here to take care of that.) Full participation in the FAM trip is required. No guests or children under the age of 18 are permitted on these trips. All transportation and accommodations while on the FAM trip will be covered.

It is expected that you will create social and editorial content as a result of your participation in these trips, and that you will provide links to all articles for the TBEX round up of posts.

These trips are by invitation only following an application process.

Do not apply for a Blogger FAM trip until you have read and understood the following information as non-compliant applications will not be considered. Take time to thoroughly review the trips and submit only ONE application; duplicate applications will not be considered.

  • You must be a blogger or other content creator to apply. No industry representatives are allowed on these trips. No spouses, partners, children, or friends may accompany the blogger on these trips.
  • You must be registered to attend TBEX to apply for these trips.
  • All participants in the Blogger FAM trips must be 18 years of age or older.
  • If you blog as a couple or group, each blogger must apply separately for the trips. There is no group or couple application form. Please understand that space on these trips is limited and there is no guarantee that you can be accommodated on the same trip. Many couple bloggers opt to participate in different trips in order to expand the editorial content that they acquire. If the only way you will participate in the trip is to be on the same one, please say so in the comments area, understanding that this may impact the ability to invite you to participate. Please use a different email for each member of your blog.
  • It expected that social and editorial content will be created as a result of participation in these FAM trips, and that bloggers will provide links to this content in a timely fashion.
  • You may select a first and second choice of trip.
  • Please make sure all the information, especially your email, is correct. An incorrect email means that we can’t get in touch with you. This happens every single application process.


To clear up confusion and issues caused by previous trips, we find it important to note the following:

  • If you are part of a blogging team that is applying for a trip, please make sure that each individual uses a unique email address. Every time we’ve gone through this process, confusion has resulted when more than one person uses the same email. We want to invite and communicate with the person, not the blog.
  • You may not know the exact itinerary of the trip until just a few days before your departure. If this not unlike many other press or blogger trips. If this is too stressful for you, please think about whether applying is a good idea for you. While our hosts and partners endeavor to get info to you as soon as possible, the sheer volume of moving parts to this process means that things take awhile.
  • Not everyone will be able to be invited on a trip. Participants are selected based on a variety of criteria including content platforms, writing style, influence, niche, geography, target audience, marketing goals of hosts, and diversity. It’s not personal.
  • Or maybe it is. As has been talked about in many a TBEX session, and by industry representatives in numerous other forums and platforms, industry representatives have a black list. And they share information with their colleagues. Your participation in past press trips, your conduct online, and your attitude and approach to the issues facing your business can make you the person that destinations want to work with. Or not work with.
  • Please remember that these are hosted trips with numerous sponsors. While on the trip, your participation should reflect the highest level of professionalism. Show respect for the sponsors and other participants by being on time for all events, refrain from demanding requests, and respect other bloggers who are on the trip and their need to create content as well. If you have an issue, direct it to the leader of your trip privately; never take an issue public.
  • If you accept an invitation to participate in one of these trips, please do not consider other offers. Once you have RSVPd your acceptance to the invitation, put it on your calendar.


The deadline to apply for these trips is July 31st, 2016 at midnight, Pacific Time.

At that time, the application process will be closed, organized, and submitted to our trip hosts. They will go through their selection process and advise us the names of bloggers selected to participate, and we will then email out invitations.

We understand that you need to make travel plans and arrangements, and everyone involved in the process is committed to expediting the process.


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