July 2014
  Beaches? Check. All-inclusive hotels with epic views of the Mexican Caribbean? Check. Endless expanses of white, sandy beaches stretching as far as you can see? Check. Turquoise waters lapping gently at your feet while you laze in the sun, read a book, browse your tablet, or get some work done on your laptop? Check....
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We’re very excited to give you the first look at the pre- and post-TBEX Athens tours, offered on October 21-22, and 25-26. What do you have to look forward to? Tours and excursions themed around art, sailing, GLBT culture, history, shopping, food, theology, literature, outdoor adventure, and a whole lot more. Each listing provides specific...
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  Imagine this:  You are at a conference. You finally get the courage to say hello to the person you specifically came to the conference just to meet. You reach into your pocket where you keep your business cards and there are no cards. You are out; you gave the last one away just moments...
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  We have a stellar line up of new and returning speakers for TBEX North America in Cancun, Mexico. We’re excited to announce these speaker today, and will have more speaker announcements, for Cancun and Athens, next week. Carol Margolis Carol Margolis is the queen of helping people travel smarter, with less stress and more productivity. She...
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  We often tell prospective destinations that hosting TBEX is like offering the world’s biggest press trip. It’s a chance for a destination to showcase its tourism product, the attractions that make up the backbone of the destination’s tourism economy. Part of this amazing opportunity is the ability to host a variety of tours and...
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  In a country of approximately 11 million people, the city of Athens is the premier urban destination where approximately 40% of the country’s population lives. With its interesting archaeological sites and museums, world-class cultural attractions, fantastic food sourced from local ingredients, modern infrastructure, and a vibrant nightlife, Athens is a fabulous city to visit. In...
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