November 2013
  “Can I ask for some volunteers?” I’m usually a stand-in-the-shadows kind of gal, but when touring the Old Jameson Distillery as part of the TBEX Dublin experience, my hand shot up. I had heard that volunteers got the chance to taste more whiskey, and I wasn’t about to turn that down. Our guide handed...
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  This post about guest post mistakes was previously published on the NMX blog, but I wanted to share it here as well, since travel bloggers aren’t immune to HORRIBLE guest post inquiries!!! Doesn’t it just make you cringe when you see a subject line in your email inbox about a guest post? No, don’t...
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  Michael Collins interviews TBEX CEO Rick Calvert about why Europe is such an important part of the TBEX experience. Rick also gives some inside info about what TBEX has to offer – from pre-BEX trips and tours, through the conference with great speakers, to all the post-conference events. Find out what you missed in...
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  “It’s my birthday today. My real birthday, not my Internet birthday.” Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend, and I was surprised when he revealed that it was his birthday, because I had previously thought that his birthday had been months ago. Turns out, he has a “birthday” that he celebrates on Facebook,...
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  We’re starting a new TBEX project and inviting YOU – the TBEX community – to participate. It’s a monthly themed travel blogging challenge. Some months it’ll be a specific writing challenge, pushing you to improve your skills, other months it will be a chance to showcase some of your best work from your archives,...
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