Girona Checklist for Attendees


I dunno about you, but ’round the virtual TBEX offices we’re counting down the days until Girona. In the giddiness that surrounds an upcoming trip, however, we don’t want you to forget something important. So here’s a pre-Girona checklist to make sure you’ve done everything you need to do before you show up in Spain.

TBEX Girona Checklist

    • Have you booked your accommodation? If you’ve waited until the last minute, don’t freak out (too much). Scour this list of TBEX lodging in Girona, all of which have some pretty excellent conference discount rates, and get a bed booked. Pay attention to the instructions under each hotel/hostel listing on how to get the TBEX discount – each one is slightly different. Just to keep you on your toes.


    • Have you figured out how you’re getting to Girona? We’re going to assume you’ve booked a flight if you need one, but if you’re flying into Barcelona’s airport you still need to get yourself to Girona. There are several options for ground transportation; the cheapest is the train, which requires one change at either Barcelona Sants or the smaller Passeig de Gracia station, but there’s a bus that goes straight from BCN into Girona if your jetlaggy self will be too disoriented to manage a train change. (Also, this just in – there’s incredibly thorough information on the Barcelona-to-Girona train trip on our Facebook page now, thanks to Gary Arndt & Michael Hodson, who have made the trip recently.)


    • Have you seen the updates on the opening party at the castle? We’ve updated the party page, with new information about transportation to and from the castle.


    • Have you booked everything you need to stay in Costa Brava after the conference? If you’re extending your stay in Costa Brava after the conference, there are still some free rooms available on a first-come first-served basis, so if you didn’t already apply for a free post-conference room, do it today!


    • Have you sent in your RSVP for the guided tours? Be sure to RSVP for the free Girona city tours on September 20. There’s no space limit, but they need to know how many guides to send, so we need to have folks RSVP if they want to go on a free tour. Oh, and although the photo walk with Gary Arndt and Kirsten Alana doesn’t require a reservation, it’s a newer addition to the tour options, so we wanted to remind you of it here, too.


    • Have you made speed dating appointments? All registered attendees for TBEX should have gotten an email giving them access to TBEX Girona’s PresdoMatch site, on which you can schedule speed dating meetings with anyone else at the conference. (Check out these tips for speed dating at TBEX, too.) Didn’t get your PresdoMatch email? Search your email archives using the word “presdo,” and if you still come up empty, let us know ASAP. You’ll want to get in so you can make sure not to miss potential meetups with industry pros and bloggers alike. And hey, if the person you wanted to meet with already has a full schedule, or you want more than the short speed date to chat with someone, you can also set up appointments in the Open Marketplace on Friday from 4:30-6:30pm. (Remember, speed dating is included in your registration if you’re a blogger or a sponsor – all other PR/industry folks can rent a table to be involved!)


    • Have you seen the niche topic icebreakers? Also on the TBEX Girona PresdoMatch site you’ll find informal opportunities to have lunch with other people who share a common interest. There’s nothing formal or required about them, but if you don’t know many people this is an excellent and casual way to meet like-minded folks. There are six niche topics listed, so with two days you can meet two different groups of people.


    • Have you figured out which sessions you’ll go to? You can peruse the TBEX Girona schedule on the TBEX site, and it’s also on the PresdoMatch site – on the latter, you can even mark which sessions you’ll be attending, so you can customize your conference schedule. Of course, you’re not required to RSVP, and you can absolutely change your mind on the spot to attend a different session.


    • Have you figured out a plan for your mobile phone? If you don’t already reside in Spain or have a Spanish SIM card for your mobile phone, be absolutely sure you’ve talked to your mobile provider so you know what your phone bill could look like when you get home if you make calls or send tweets from Girona. Add a global plan if you want, keep your smartphone in “airplane” mode and just use its built-in WiFi, or plan to pick up a local SIM card when you get to Spain. Just don’t forget to take the necessary precautions, or you’ll be blogging about your astronomical phone bill six weeks from now. (Yes, we know plenty of you know this already, but we’ve read blog posts from experienced travelers who looked down the barrel of four-figure phone bills after a trip, so you can never be too careful.)


    • Have you got the necessary electrical converters and adapters? (Do you know this already, too? Probably, but it’s worth repeating just in case.) Again, if you’re coming from outside Spain (or anywhere else that has the same electrical system as Spain), you’ll either need converters (that change the voltage), adaptors (that allow your plugs to fit into Spanish outlets), or both. We don’t want to read tales of any TBEXers frying their gadgets or, y’know, setting fire to anything, okay?


    • Have you packed your tiara for the kick-off party at the castle? Fine, this is completely optional. But you totally get bonus points if you do wear a tiara.


Other various and sundry things to bring and/or remember include:

  • Don’t leave your passport in the safe at home
  • Remember to bring enough business cards (we’re up to more than 300 attendees!)
  • Bring a media kit or one-page handout for your appointments
  • Don’t forget all the necessary chargers for your gizmos
  • Double-check the date and time of your flight
  • Check in for flights 24 hours in advance to pick your seats

Now then – who’s ready for Girona? YOU ARE.

photo by Jo@net

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