Fueled by Cupcakes, Funded by YOU

Today’s guest post is from Pam Mandel, one of the founders of the charitable travel blogger initiative, Passports with Purpose.

The Passports with Purpose founders crew genuinely enjoys a good cupcake. Our work — bringing together travel bloggers, travel companies, and sponsors, is fueled by cake and frosting, caffeine and friendship. We convert all those calories, with your help, into some pretty amazing results: A school in Cambodia, a village in India, libraries in Zambia.

Towards the end of the year when we buckle down to focus on our Passports with Purpose annual initiative, we feel a great sense of connection with the people that contribute to our success. Since so many of us — so many of you — will be at TBEX, we’d like to meet you in 3D. We’d like to say thank you for your incredible support you’ve given us throughout the past four years. We want to know more about you. And we want to share cupcakes with you, it’s become something of a Passports with Purpose tradition.

The generous folks of Keystone Resorts have commissioned Chef Ned to bake special “Passports with Purpose” cupcakes. We’ll be in the Expo Hall at the Keystone Conference Center, 10:15 am – 12:15 pm, during the speed dating sessions. Stop in. Get a treat. Introduce yourself. If you’re new to Passports with Purpose, come find out about the work we do. If you’ve helped out in the past, we’re so grateful, and we want to tell you so. We’re successful because of this community, and we’d like to share our treats with you as a small token of our gratitude.

Thank you, TBEX 2012, for the generous donation of space for us to meet. Thank you, Keystone Resorts (and Chef Ned) for providing all those cupcakes to fuel another year of doing good. And thank you, bloggers, for making the world a significantly better place through supporting Passports with Purpose.

The Passports with Purpose founders crew includes Pam Mandel, Debbie Dubrow, Beth Whitman, Meg Paynor, and Michelle Duffy.  Learn more about Passports with Purpose.

Photo credit:  SXC

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