Why to Visit Stunning Meteora when in Greece for TBEX Europe 2023

Leslie Walker

A message and invitation from our sponsors at Visit Meteora

There are few places on Earth which can boast that pictures don’t do justice to them; Meteora definitely is one of them! It’s a surreal and breathtaking geological phenomenon comprised of giant rock pillars rising steeply 200 to 400 meters above the ground and an ancient monastic community precariously perched on the tops of the cliffs.

Meteora in Greece

The site is easy to reach especially by train and it’s located Northwest of Greece’s capital. By car, it’s roughly a three & half to four hours’ drive from Athens. Meteora offers its visitors a rare opportunity to experience a unique combination of geological marvel and six active monasteries that belong to the Greek Orthodox Church, made some 7 centuries ago.

Meteora has been listed as a World Heritage Site since 1989. It’s a NATURA 2000 protected area for wildlife, and an official archeological site for Greece since 1922. In fact, it’s the largest such site in Greece in terms of the area it covers. Above all, it is an official holy site for Greece, a spiritual place with a practicing community of monks and nuns residing still in the 6 remaining monasteries.

This amazing place with its ancient religious monuments, the long history dating back to 135.000 years, the rich local culture, and the breathtaking nature creates an amazing background for visitors to engage in various tours and activities. Meteora over the past decade has gained a lot of traction, especially through social media to become a top-rated Greek tourist attraction. Today it’s the second most popular site in mainland Greece after Acropolis, receiving more than a million and a half visitors each year. This year our destination was featured in Le Monde’s list of the world’s top 20 must-visit destinations for 2023!

Such a unique site has, over the years, become the inspiration for many writers around the world with a recent notable example being George R. R. Martin, the writer of the world-famous book series “Game of Thrones”. Something most fans of the series don’t know is the fact George R. R. Martin was inspired to write about the Eyrie stronghold in the Vale of Arryn by Meteora and its monasteries!

Don’t miss this chance when you come to Greece to be inspired and elevate your senses to even greater heights! Meteora offers a wide variety of experiences to explore. Enjoy unsurpassed natural grandeur, a rich history, and culture with a wide range of culinary tours, outdoor activities, and soft adventures. Take mesmerizing pictures and videos as you enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of mainland Greece on the edge of the rock pillars. Explore the monasteries and the ancient trails of the monks, or hike on top of the highest cliff with a hiking and scramble tour. And while you remain suspended between the heavens and the earth just keep calm and remember to breathe!

We will make sure to provide ample opportunities to engage your audiences with premium and exclusive content, travel hints and suggestions about our destination. One such example would be the opportunity to introduce to your audiences for the first time unknown, well-hidden ancient monasteries located in the periphery of the main site, in beautiful unexplored locations like Gavros region and the ruined monastery of Palaiopanagia.

Meteora is so many different things, a pilgrimage site for the Orthodox church, a world class tourist destination, a natural wonder and one of the most Instagramable and shareable destinations of the world. But whatever we say about our destination there is only one way to appreciate what Meteora is all about and that’s to visit when you come to Greece.

We are looking forward to this upcoming TBEX Europe 2023 event to meet and cooperate with world-class content creators in the tourism industry. Such kind of collaborations in the past have been the cornerstone of our company’s success in the promotion of our destination. TBEX in Kalamata offers us the opportunity to work together as a team to promote a more sustainable touristic development for our destination. Meteora has matured a lot over the years becoming an important travel destination for Greece but this development wasn’t achieved without a cost.

All these years our company is heavily invested in providing travel solutions and services that improve and enrich tourists’ experiences, promote a more sustainable touristic development that cares for environmental protection, and addresses the problems of over-tourism. Our goal has always been to deliver the benefits of the tourist development to all within the local community and to do so in a sustainable manner. We hope you will join us in this effort to create a better more sustainable future for Meteora! 

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