Why I love TBEX and Why You Will Too.

Vicki Winters

Although it wasn’t long ago, I’ll always remember my first TBEX. It was April 2015 in Catalunya, Spain. I had been to many blogging conferences before, but never one that was focused solely on TRAVEL.

Yes, there are other Travel Blogging conferences, and I have attended many of them, but no one does it like TBEX.


This month in Minnesota will be my third TBEX, and I am committed to my fourth during October 2016 in The Philippines.

One of the great things about TBEX is how GLOBAL it is. Since it takes place three times per year, and in three different parts of the world, it is quite easy to plan lots of other travel adventures around the conference itself. Each and every city that hosts a TBEX conference rolls out the thickest and reddest carpets I have ever seen. Host cities really understand what Bloggers mean to their bottom lines and are so happy to host us.

In short, TBEX is “SUCH A DEAL” (said in a Heavy New York Accent). If you sign up early the price is literally like nothing. $129 for 3 days of learning, parties, meeting new friends, speed networking with sponsors, and more.

At all TBEX events, many of the best known and most well respected figures in the industry are in attendance, and this year in Minneapolis, I am excited to hear from keynote speaker Andrew Zimmern.

For the low low TBEX ticket price, you’ll receive 3 days of fun, food, parties, and adventure (all included). PLUS there is this secret little thing called, PRE-BEX and POST-BEX tours.

WAIT!!! If that wasn’t enough, there are FAM trips offered after the conference is over too.

Lastly, and in gratitude for all of the stupid little questions that I often have, TBEX staff takes personal care in addressing every issue, small or large.

So, if you are on the fence about TBEX, I can honestly say, you have no idea what you are missing. I hope to see you there!!!

Author Bio:  Vicki Winters always wanted to be the host of a talk show, so she titled her blog, “The Vicki Winters Show,” a mashup of Bucket List Adventures, Food Pairings and Tech Talk. The Vicki Winters Show, based in New York City, has a loyal International Fan Base. Vicki’s audience can’t get enough of her #CawfeeTawkNY, #FoodieScope and #TravelTalk shows on Periscope TV and Facebook Live. In addition to her bike riding, walking/talking- one woman show, Winters creates video and photo content on her blog and on several social media platforms. Vicki will be speaking at TBEX North America about Periscope.

Photo credit:  Vicki Winters

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  1. I attended my first and only TBEX this past October in Ft. Lauderdale. It was helpful and fun. I am not going to Minnesota, as it is a holiday weekend and I am flying to Europe (again!) the day after it ends. Enjoy

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