Wanders in Athens


I had the pleasure recently of visiting Athens with some of the TBEX team on a pre-conference recce. I was particularly excited for two reasons – one, I’ve never been to Athens before, and two, I knew I was going to be coming back here later on in the year to teach some photography.

Athens cloud and temple I got plenty of opportunity to get out on the streets and roam the sights on my visit, as well as ponder photography subjects and start to plan for my return. Here were some of my highlights :

The Acropolis


You can’t visit Athens without at least noticing the Acropolis, given how this hill sits in the centre of the city and jumps into the corner of your eye at every occasion. I popped up here on a tour which gave me enough of an impression to realise I needed to come back under my own steam at a quieter time of day, if such thing exists, and take pictures at a slightly more leisurely pace. That, or find a hotel room with a spectacular view…

acropolis side on

Sailing the seas

Athens old port from the sea

Greece has had its fair share of water based history, and any trip to the country should involve some time on the water, ideally exploring some of the many islands. I just had a brief day trip out on the sea here, enough to get the wind in my hair, and appreciate the views of Athens, including this shot of the old harbour of Athens.

The markets

athens spice market

Like any major city, Athens has some impressive markets. Whilst the meat market was not for the squeamish, the nearby markets selling spices and herbs were more stomach friendly. I loved the colours of these assorted spices.

The old stuff

Philosopher and statue

Athens is where pretty much all the stuff we take for granted – democracy, philosophy, triangles  – got itself going. It’s been around for a good long while, and has plenty of old stuff to admire, both stuffed into the museums, and, well, everywhere else too. These statues were outside the library, with a god looking rather threateningly at a philosopher.

The newer stuff

street art in athens

There might be a lot of old stuff, but Athens doesn’t feel stuck in the past. There’s street art and modern art, plus of course a lively cafe scene and splendid opportunities for eating, drinking and making merry.

Stamped metal names_

The beaches and coastline

Yacht at sea Athens

Finally, Athens is much more than the city. To the south of the city you’ll find the Athens Rivieria, home to large yachts, stunning beaches (some private, some not), and rather handy sunset spots, such as this one I found below. If you have a chance, I can recommend getting out of the city and exploring the coastline a bit!

sunset athens coast

All in all, Athens is a fine place for a visit, and an even better place to wander with a camera – there’s so much variety on offer in terms of things to shoot, from temples to street scenes, sunsets to cityscapes. Something for everyone – I hope to see you there!

Author Bio:  A photographer, writer and traveller, Laurence has spent much of the last five years on the road, documenting his journeys and adventures at his popular travel and photography blog: Finding the Universe, which he runs with his partner Vera. He is also a founding member of Lightmoves Creative, a photography firm which offers bespoke photography and learning opportunities to brands and individuals.

Laurence will be leading a 2-day photo workshop at TBEX Athens, along with Daniel Nahabedian, as well as speaking about monetizing your photography.

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Ruth Kozak
Ruth Kozak
July 29, 2014 8:46 am

Gorgeous photos! Athens is my second home. I’ve been visiting or living there (full and part time) since 1979. I’ll be there this September/Oct too so too bad I’ll miss the TBEX conference but I’m doing some book readings (Athens Centre) for my historical novel SHADOW OF THE LION and some research for an Athens Guide e-book I’m working on. As well as visiting friends and having a great time. I love Athens!

August 2, 2014 5:37 am

Love the one representing the seas. Also the spices, mmmm makes me want to cook something delicious!

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