Trekking to Ireland for TBEX Europe 2017 in Killarney


A message from Faílte Ireland, host sponsor for TBEX Europe 2017 in Killarney, Ireland #TBEXIreland

Well connected in Dublin

4 Airports Ensure Convenience on Your Journey to Killarney

Though we are perched on the very edge of Europe, the fantastic news is that Ireland is only a flight or ferry away from all major European and UK cities.  In addition, there are plenty of direct flights from the North America too!  Click here for full details.

Killarney, in County Kerry has its very own airport Farranfore Airport with direct service from some European and UK airports. Click here to see full schedule.

Shannon Airport in County Clare is also a major transatlantic hub with daily flights from North America and is just less than a two hour drive by road to reach Killarney.

Cork Airport is 1.5 hours’ drive to Killarney and offers access from both Europe and North America.

If you arrive into Dublin Airport there are many options, such as getting a bus or train to Killarney (it will take about four hours) check out Transport For Ireland for several transport options, or go to for more transportation information. You can also rent a car but remember, in Ireland we drive on the left side of the road!  We’re a small island only 302 miles long and 170 miles wide so everywhere is within a full day’s drive from Dublin.

Well connected to Ireland's Ancient East

About Our Infamous Weather

Another very important topic – the weather – is something we talk about it all the time – maybe because it’s so unpredictable. You’ll often get all four seasons in one day, so do come well prepared. The good news is that it’s never too hot or cold,  and October is one of the best times to visit when temperatures hang around the mid-teens (celsius) which translates to around 55-60 (fahrenheit).


And Other Important Tidbits

Ireland’s official currency is Euros and yes, we speak English as our first language but you will hear Irish spoken in the Gaeltacht areas (Irish speaking areas)!  We’re a Parliamentary Democracy with a President as head of state, and our prime minister is called a Taoiseach. There are about 4.7 million of us living in the Republic Of Ireland, with one in three under the age of 29 years.  So we’re a pretty youthful and energetic bunch!

Well Connected in Dublin

You’ll soon see it’s delightfully easy to get here and that we’re very well connected.

Just check out this video and we guarantee you’ll soon be planning your visit to TBEX Europe 2017.  We’re thrilled that you’ll be joining us on our Emerald Isle paradise and look forward to welcoming you here in October! #TBEXIreland

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