Travel Podcasting 101: Professional Tips and Trick



Successful travel podcasting isn’t about equipment; it’s about content and technique.

paul.jpegI’m probably one of the most widely heard podcasters in the world of travel. My wife and I produce, create, and record 10 travel podcasts a week for the American Forces Radio Network, and we now have nearly 10,000 podcasts in the archives. More than 2 million people in 180 countries listen to us every day. For us, creating radio content and quality podcasting are one and the same.

Think of podcasting as freezing radio in time. We’ve been doing it since we put up our first website in 1994. Then, we used a program called real audio. At the time, AM and FM Radio were the most popular listening models, and the Internet was almost unheard of.

Today nearly half of the world consumes their audio from the Internet by listening to podcasts and Internet broadcasts. And the audience today is hipper, more knowledgeable, and better educated than the radio audience in those days. That’s why podcasting is clearly the way forward into the future. To note how fast the world is changing their listening habits, BMW is proposing leaving AM radio out of their newest car models in 2015. You can imagine how legacy radio is receiving this news.

So at TBEX Athens, we’ll look at how simple it is to make a podcast and what you need to do to make it sound great. There is no long equipment list. You may not know it, but you already own a recording studio. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to leave the interactive session with the easily learned techniques you need to make a podcast that sounds professional and that people will listen to.

Author Bio:  Paul Lasley, along with Elizabeth Harryman, create half hour radio shows and podcats on travel topics every day that are distributed globally on satellite by American Forces Radio Network. The shows are daily in 180 countries to an audience in excess of 2 million. The goal is to help listeners travel better, smarter, cheaper and have fun. Paul and Elizabeth also produce and voice a one-minute feature for AFRN that airs several times a day and includes news and information on travel and travel related subjects.  Podcasts are available at Paul is a member of SATW.

Editor’s Note:  If you’re thinking about giving podcasting a try, you won’t want to miss Paul’s breakout session at TBEX where he’ll create a podcast episode during the session. You’ll have a chance to see how it’s done – and give it a try yourself – in this entertaining and interactive session.

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