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Rick & Mary Jo toast to a successful ITB conference in Berlin
Rick & Mary Jo toast to a successful ITB conference in Berlin (photo by Chris Gray Faust)

During ITB Berlin, the world’s largest travel show, Rick Calvert (TBEX CEO) and Mary Jo Manzanares (TBEX Conference Director) were interviewed by Gary Bembridge for the Travel Bloggers Podcast. In the interview Rick and Mary Jo spoke candidly about the history of TBEX, the conferences, and what bloggers attending TBEX in Toronto and Dublin this year can expect. They also discussed what travel bloggers need to be doing to be better bloggers – a discussion that is very topical as it builds on Rick’s provocative analysis of the state of travel blogging that had just been posted the day before the interview.

You can listen to Rick and Mary Jo talking about TBEX, the current state of travel blogging and their vision of the future online using the player below, or using this link.

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In the podcast you can hear Rick and Mary Jo talking about 4 main topics. If you want to listen to a particular section the start point is noted below):

  • The history of TBEX, and how it grew from an expected informal meeting of about 6 people into the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers. (From start)
  • The objectives and format of a TBEX Conference, including the pre-event, 3 main content streams at the event (content creation, content distribution and monetizing) and post event activities. Including more details of the next North American (Toronto) and European (Dublin) events. (From 4 minutes in).
  • Their view on what bloggers need to be focused on to be better and more successful (From 12 minutes in).
  • Their view on the future of travel blogging. (From 18 minutes in)

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Guest Post Author Bio: Gary Bembridge has been podcasting and blogging at Tips For Travellers since 2005. He launched the Travel Bloggers Podcast to help travel bloggers and writers to be a more valued and trusted resource for travellers, and so more attractive to travel brands looking to reach their audiences.

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May 4, 2013 10:20 am

Very inspiring! I can’t wait to experience tbex in dublin even more now.

Gary Bembridge
Gary Bembridge
Reply to  Ann
May 4, 2013 11:28 pm

Agree. It was a great chat and lots of good insights. I too am really looking forward to TBEX Toronto as a lot of good sessions – and some good hard discussions about blogging. Hope to meet you there!

Monika @ USA Reisetipps & Reiseziele
Monika @ USA Reisetipps & Reiseziele
May 5, 2013 4:24 am

Thanks so much for this very interesting and informative talk, Gary, Rick and Mary Jo. I will attend TBEX Toronto in June, and am really looking forward to it.

Gary Bembridge
Gary Bembridge
Reply to  Monika @ USA Reisetipps & Reiseziele
May 6, 2013 10:08 am

Glad you enjoyed. Hope to meet you at TBEX at end of the month.

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