Travel Blog Exchange: Welcome to Our New TBEX Dublin Speakers!

TBEX Dublin is coming up quickly! We’re already made several speaker announcements to let you know who will be presenting in Dublin. Today, we are happy to welcome another large group of speakers to the TBEX stage. Check out who you’ll see in Dublin:

Alastair McKenzie

We’re happy to welcome Alastair to the TBEX stage for the first time! Alastair has experience in both traditional media and new media., and bring the perspective of someone who has worked in both.

Learn more about Alastair >

Carol Cain

Carol is an award-winning travel and food blogger who we’re excited to have coming to the TBEX stage. Her stories have appeared in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Forbes Travel Guide, and more, so we’re excited to learn from her in Dublin.

Learn more about Carol >

Cedric Giorgi

Cedric’s company, Cookening, combines the love of travel and the love of food to connect people from different cultures from around the world. We’re excited to have him on the TBEX Dublin stage!

Learn more about Cedric >

Chris Christensen

We’re always happy to bring Chris to the TBEX stage! Not only is he the popular host of, but he is also the co-host of This Week in Travel.

Learn more about Chris >

Diane Letulle

Diane combines two things we love at her blog: wine and travel! She’s written Wine Lover’s Journal for over six years and will be sharing what she’s learned with our culinary inclined attendees.

Learn more about Diane >

Eduardo Perez

Eduardo took that brave leap of becoming a full time travel blogger after over 20 years in the shipping industry. Since then, he’s recorded over 1600 videos from locations around the world! We’re super impressed by his dedication to video blogging and know you will be as well.

Learn more about Eduardo >

Fionn Davenport

We’re happy to announce that Fionn will be joining us at TBEX Dublin. He’s been a writer and broadcaster for over 20 years, has written guidebooks for Lonely Planet, and recently started “Taking Off,” a new online radio show for the Irish Times.

Learn more about Fionn >

Gina Tarnacki

Gina’s got experience working with travel companies through her boutique online marketing and writing company, and she’s also a travel blogger. We love that she sees this industry from both perspectives and are happy to have her coming to our stage

Learn more about Gina >

Heather Greenwood Davis

If you don’t know Heather yet, you should! She’s an award-winning travel writer and journalist who has appeared in O Magazine, National Geographic Traveler’s Intelligent Travel, Travel, Canadian Family and more. This year her family was named “Travelers of the Year” by National Geographic Traveler.

Learn more about Heather >

Kash Bhattacharya

Kash is one of the go-to guys out there about budget travel. He and his blog have been featured in the New York Times, Guardian, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, and more. We can’t wait to see his presentation in Dublin.

Learn more about Kash >

Martin Macdonald

Through his work with Expedia, Martin has become a leader in the world of inbound marketing. He has experience in organic SEO, paid search, social marketing, and more, so we think he’s the perfect speaker to add to our industry roster.

Learn more about Martin >

Mona Wise

We couldn’t be more excited about bringing Mona to TBEX as a speaker. She writes an award-winning blog, as well as regularly contributing to the Sunday Times as a columnist with her husband, and to Galway Now Magazine.

Learn more about Mona >

Shane Dallas

Shane is both the Community Manager for and a blogger himself at The Travel Camel, so we’re excited to have him coming to the TBEX stage to share his knowledge

Learn more about Shane >

Vanessa Chiasson

Vanessa’s travels have taken her everywhere from a marathon in Paris to a coffee farm in Hawaii. We’re happy to have her coming to TBEX Dublin as a speaker to share her knowledge.

Learn more about Vanessa >

If you don’t have your ticket to the show yet, don’t miss out on seeing all of these great speakers live from the TBEX Dublin stage! Register now to reserve your pass (tickets are limited, so don’t delay).

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