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With just over six weeks to go until TBEX Toronto, we’re in high planning gear. Later this week, we’ll be opening registration for some of the pre-BEX activities our host partners and we’ve been cooking up – and although we can’t give you all the details yet, we wanted to call your attention to them now so you don’t miss them when they’re published.

And remember, only registered TBEX attendees can sign up for these activities – so if you’ve been putting off getting your ticket, now’s your chance!

pre-BEX Workshops

A one-hour session during TBEX is great for an introduction to a new topic, or some general tips on an advanced level, but it’s hardly enough time to dig into a meatier subject. This is why we’ve been putting together a couple of what we’re calling “pre-BEX Workshops“, to be held on May 31st, that have been designed to give you more time to spend honing your craft.

We’ll have a writing workshop led by a trio of passionate writers and travelers – David Farley, Pam Mandel, and Andy Murdock – all of whom are enthusiastic about helping you up your writing game. We’ll also have two photo walks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) with professional photographers, during which you’ll get to see a bit of Toronto and learn to get more out of your travel photographs. And, we’ll have an Instagram photo walk with TBEX Toronto speaker Katja Presnal that will give you a chance to learn more about combining iPhoneography with social media when you travel.

Space is limited for all of these Workshops, and you’ll need to sign up for the one you want to attend (it’s first come, first-served). These Workshops are timed so that if you choose to sign up for one of the Toronto Experiences (more details below), you’ll be able to do both.

You can sign up for the pre-Bex workshops starting on Wednesday, April 17th, at 12 noon (PDT).

pre-BEX (and post-BEX) Toronto Experiences

The Toronto and Ontario press trips that many of you will be going on before and after TBEX aren’t the only tours our hosts have been putting together for you. Some of you wondered why there wasn’t anything Toronto-related in those press trips – and the answer is there’s an entirely different set of Toronto day trips you can go on! These aren’t press trips, so won’t require an application process, and are open to ALL registered attendees. Space is limited, so you’ll need to sign up on a first come, first-served basis.

There are Toronto Experiences available on May 30th, May 31st, and June 3rd. Take a look at what else you have planned before choosing the date(s) that works best for your schedule. We’re pretty confident you will be bowled over by the sheer number and variety of experiences on offer. There is a leisurely canoe trip through the Toronto Islands, a look at the city’s graffiti art, a first-timer’s guide to Toronto, tours that focus on music, beer, gay culture, markets, sports, and architecture – and much, much more.

The start and end times for these tours vary depending on the tour and the day, so read the descriptions closely. Also note that tours are subject to change, and some activities may be weather-dependent.

Note the following important information about these Toronto Experiences:

  • These Toronto Experiences are open to all TBEX registrants – both bloggers and industry attendees – but registration is on an individual basis (you can’t sign up someone else).
  • Friday Toronto Experiences are limited to one experience per person.
  • Registration for these tours opens on Wednesday, April 17th – at 12 noon PDT.
  • You can preview some of the options now so you’re ready to sign up for the tour of your choice on Wednesday, but note that some tour changes, substitutions, and cancellations may still occur.
  • Here are links to the tour listings:  May 30th Toronto Experiences, the May 31st Toronto Experiences (note there are three separate pages of tours linked from this page!), and the June 3rd Toronto Experiences.

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