Travel Blog Exchange: Meet Our Newest TBEX Dublin Speakers

If you loved our past TBEX Dublin speaker announcements (here and here), you’ll love this latest group. We’re excited to announce that the following people will be presenting sessions in Dublin in October.

Make sure you register now get a ticket to TBEX before they sell out!

Amy Jackson

Amy is the director of public relations for TripIt, and also an avid traveler herself. We can’t wait to see her on the TBEX stage in October.

Learn more about Amy >

Audrey Scott

Audrey is part of the dynamic duo behind the popular blog Uncornered Market. Together with her husband Dan, Audrey has spoken at events around the world. You definitely don’t want to miss her and Dan on the TBEX stage.

Learn more about Audrey >

Daniel Noll

That’s right, we aren’t just welcoming Audrey to the stage; we’re also happy to announce that Daniel is speaking at TBEX as well! Don’t miss this master storyteller in Dublin.

Learn more about Daniel >

Christine Cantera

We’re happy to welcome Christine to the TBEX stage for the first time! She has written about every topic under the sun during her freelance career, as well as running the travel blog Miss Expatria.

Learn more about Christine >

Colm Hanratty

Colm is an award-winning social media manager for, and we’re honored to have him speaking at TBEX Dublin. With experience in content, social media, and working with bloggers, you’re sure to get some tips from him.

Learn more about Colm >

Daniel Nahabedian

If you aspire to take better photographs while traveling, don’t miss Daniel Nahabedian at TBEX Dublin. He’s the photographer behind Canvas of Light and has organized photography workshops around the world.

Learn more about Daniel >

Don George

Don works with companies such as National Geographic, Gadling, and Lonely Planet, and is the founder of the Book Passage writing conference.  You won’t want to miss his writing session at TBEX.

Learn more about Don >

Gary Arndt

We’re happy to welcome Gary back to the TBEX stage. Always direct and willing to share his opinions, you’ll want to plan to attend his session.

Learn more about Gary >

Ian Cleary

We’re so excited to welcome Ian back to the TBEX stage! In addition to running Razorsocial, Ian also has written for sites such as Huffington Post, Technorati, and Social Media Examiner.

Learn more about Ian >

Johnny Jet

Johnny travels to over 20 countries every year and has been featured over 3,000 times in publications such as USA Today, Time, Fortune and The New York Times. We’re always honored to have him on stage at TBEX

Learn more about Johnny >

Kerwin McKenzie

Kerwin is an former airline employee turned travel blogger who we’re excited to welcome as a TBEX speaker for the first time.

Learn more about Kerwin >

Laurence Norah

Laurence has spent the last four years on the road, capturing his experiences in words and photos. Come find out what he’s learned in those four years during his TBEX session.

Learn more about Laurence >

Michael Collins

Michael might be new to the TBEX stage, but he has worked in the Irish travel and media industry for 13 years. Today, he runs We can’t wait to see his session in Dublin.

Learn more about Michael >

Natalie Bahadur

We’re excited to welcome Natalie to the TBEX stage. She is a writer, content manager, and editor with Transcontinental Media and also runs the blog Oh! Travelissima.

Learn more about Natalie >

If you want to see these speakers in Dublin, don’t delay in picking up your ticket to the show! At the writing of this post, we have a few tickets left…but we will be sold out in the next few weeks. So if you want to attend, make sure you claim your spot at TBEX today! And keep an eye out for more speaker announcements next week.

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