Tiina Van Hecke to Keynote at TBEX Europe 2018 in Ostrava, Czech Republic

Tiina Van Hecke Keynote Speaker at TBEX Europe 2018

Tiina VanHecke, Keynote Speaker at TBEX Europe 2018We are pleased to announce our final keynote for #TBEXOstrava2018! Tiina Van Hecke is a business optimisation strategist working as part of the Booking.com Affiliate program for Bloggers. Even-though born and raised in Belgium, you might find traces of Irish and Dutch in her accent that she picked up working and living in these countries for the past 7 years. Tiina’s passion is travel – a lot of, food and the Belgian Red Devil national soccer team.

Day two of TBEX Europe 2018 will begin with two Opening keynote addresses. In Tiina’s address she will discuss Booking.com Travel Trends for Affiliates and will walk you through the Travel Prediction Research undertaken by the experts at Booking.com. These insights are the result of combined customer insights from over 129 million real guest reviews with research from nearly 19,000 travellers across 26 countries around the world.

Those of us who work in travel know that the industry is constantly changing. Each year new trends influence the way guests plan their trips – from where they’ll go to who they’ll travel with. That doesn’t mean that you need to totally revamp your marketing strategy each year, but it’s a good idea to know what to expect. This allows you to make simple changes which have a big impact. Using Booking.com’s data and your business savvy, Tiina will recommend steps you can take to make the most of the remainder of 2018 and beyond.
TBEX Europe 2018, Ostrava CZ



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