Third Round of Speakers for TBEX Europe 2022 in Marbella, Spain Announced


The third round of speakers at TBEX Europe 2022 is a collection of 6 highly skilled professionals who will provide travel media – including tourism brands, content creators, influencers and vloggers – with constructive information, tools, and innovative strategies for success in the current travel and tourism space. TBEX’s 25th travel bloggers conference in Marbella, Spain will also provide a wealth of information for industry travel and tourism providers on how to develop an effective online presence and work effectively with content creators.

Dave & Deb The Planet D
Dave & Deb, The Planet D

Forbes Top 10 Travel Influencers, Dave & Deb have been leaders in the blogging business for more than a decade. Their website, The Planet D, receives more than 1 millions visitors per month. They’ve consistently made high 6 figures each year winning awards and having success in social media, video, blogging, and photography. They have partnered with more than 100 brands and destinations.

Dave & Deb will discuss sponsorship and brand deals as a gateway to a six-figure income.

Europe 2022 Speakers
Theofilos Kyratsoulis 

Theofilos Kyratsoulis is the General Manager of MINDHAUS, an Athens-based tourism marketing agency and member of V+O Group, the leading, independent communications agency in Southeastern Europe. Theofilos has more than 20 years’ experience, having worked with investment parties, hotel owners and developers, brands, service providers, government, and the local community for the development of award winning, branded hotels and resorts as well as popular and resilient destinations. 

Theofilos currently supports international organizations and destinations with future looking advice such as the European Travel Commission about Europeans’ sentiment towards travel during the pandemic that included interviewing more than 65,000 travellers since September 2020 in one of the largest projects of its kind in Europe.  He also supports the UNWTO, EBRD and the Greek Ministry for Tourism to update Greece’s 2022-2023 National Tourism Marketing Strategy to respond to COVID-19 as the Region of Peloponnese, Greece for 2021 ‘Peloponnese: Greece beyond the obvious’, awarded campaign. He is also responsible for developing and managing the brand for more than 1,200 5 star hotel rooms in top tier Greek destinations. 

Theofilos provides pro-bono advice to the Cyclades Preservation Fund, member of the ‘Conservation Collective’, a global network of local philanthropic funds focused on protecting, preserving and restoring the natural environment.

Theofilos will deliver a keynote about outcomes and trends of what the future of travel and tourism could look like in an ever changing world.

TBEX Europe 2022 Speakers
Mickela Mallozzi (Photo by Crackerfarm)

Mickela Mallozzi is the four-time Emmy® Award-winning Host and Executive Producer of Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi, a travel series highlighting the diversity of dance which airs on public television stations nationwide and on Amazon Prime Video globally. A professional dancer and trained musician, Mickela decided to start a journey around the world, taking her camera with her to follow dance in the lives of everyday people wherever she went.  From re-discovering her family’s heritage in Southern Italy to dancing tango on the main stage in Buenos Aires, the series covers Mickela’s adventures as she experiences the world, one dance at a time. She has been featured in The New York Times, O Magazine, The Washington Post, AFAR Media, Travel Channel, Dance Magazine, Forbes, National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveler, and more, and she has performed on various television shows including Sesame Street and The Doctor Oz Show. Season 5 of Bare Feet is now airing on PBS stations across the US and internationally!

Mickela will talk on the importance of consistency, content, and community in branding.

TBEX Europe 2022 Speakers
Elaine Wilson, Eccentric England

Elaine Wilson has been working in the fields of travel writing and sustainable tourism development for many years. She likes to help develop and promote businesses which create amazing experiences for travelers, which both delight and surprise them. Elaine is a highly experienced communications and engagement professional with a strong track record of working in communications and campaigns across the travel and health sectors.

Elaine will discuss sustainability in tourism after COVID-19.

TBEX Europe 2022 Speakers
Kerwin McKenzie, Cruisinaltitude

Kerwin McKenzie is an ex-airline employee who is now a travel content creator, author, and speaker. He’s worked in various capacities at four U.S.-based airlines for 14.5 years. He’s flown 181 airlines and visited 137 countries/territories (105 UN). Kerwin is originally from Jamaica, and the first country he’s ever visited is Martinique. 

Today, he runs for airline employees, with information about airline travel, with details about 365 under-visited destinations, and, which provides travel information for Houston, Texas. He also cooks Jamaican food at Kerwin has attended 17 TBEX conferences.

Kerwin will host the Conference & First Timers briefing.

View our first and second speaker announcements for TBEX Europe 2022 in Marbella, Spain

Register for TBEX Europe 2022 (Jun 6-9, 2022), brought to you by our host sponsors, Marbella Turismo, Visit Costa del Sol, and Andalucia, Spain

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