Third Round of Speakers at TBEX Europe 2020 in Catania, Italy


TBEX Europe 2020 Speakers

The third round of speakers at TBEX Europe 2020 is a collection of 14 highly skilled professionals who will provide travel media – including tourism brands, content creators, influencers and vloggers – with constructive information, tools, and innovative strategies for success in the current travel and tourism space. TBEX’s 22nd travel bloggers conference in Catania, Sicily will also provide a wealth of information for industry travel and tourism providers on how to develop an effective online presence and work effectively with content creators.

TBEX Europe 2020 Speakers

Carol Hay has over 25 years in the tourism sector, her primary areas of expertise include marketing, destination branding, product development, sustainable tourism development, public relations, crisis management, innovation, strategy, culture & heritage and social media. Carol is currently Director of Marketing UK & Europe for the Caribbean Tourism Organization, a positon she has held for the past 10 years. Previously she was the Director of Tourism UK & Europe for the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority.

Carol has also held senior positions with The Jamaica Tourist Board, BWIA International Airways and the Jamaica Promotions Corporation. She is an accomplished speaker and has addressed audiences across the globe on strategic marketing, destination branding, and competitiveness & innovation, cultural & heritage and food tourism! 

She holds a Masters Degree in Marketing, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and numerous professional qualifications including Cultural Diplomacy, Public Relations, Human Resources Development, Sustainable Tourism Development, Coaching, Mentoring and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

In her spare time Carol coaches and mentors professional women and young people, and also volunteers to support young people preparing for work. She loves to travel, cook, meet new people and generally make the most of life!

Carol will share her knowledge on how to use culture and heritage to differentiate destinations.

TBEX Europe 2020 Speakers

Gemma Armit and Laura Lynch are the owners and content creators of Make Traffic Happen — a website full of free resources for bloggers looking to increase their skills. They also run a very successful 6000+ member Facebook group for bloggers, and have three successful eBooks on SEO, traffic building and site speed. Gemma and Laura have worked hard to create an SEO strategy that works for bloggers. They know it works because they use it themselves on their own blogs. They have spoken at numerous conferences, including TBEX, Travel Massive, the International Food Bloggers Conference, Borderless Live, and Traverse.

Gemma and Laura will present a SEO Bootcamp Workshop.

TBEX Europe 2020 3rd Round of Speakers

Charles McCool is an SATW member, a digital travel journalist, and social media fanatic, whose main purpose when working with destinations and travel brands is to increase visits and sales. As a longtime travel skills expert, speaker, author, and trainer, Charles McCool’s articles and travel advice have appeared in hundreds of publications; including Conde Nast, Forbes, Frommers, Orbitz, Reader’s Digest, Smarter Travel, TripAdvisor, and USA Today. McCool was profiled in “World’s Smartest Traveler” and has been called “one of the most creative minds in the travel industry.” He was recently honored with the Travel Media award from Mississippi Tourism Association (MTA) at the state’s Governor’s Conference on Tourism.

Charles will share his knowledge on how to organically create and optimize engagement to build an audience.

Michael Huxley is a published author, professional adventurer and founder of the travel website, Bemused Backpacker. He has spent the last twenty years travelling to over 100 countries on almost every continent, gaining two degrees, studying martial arts and publishing several books and novels in the process.

Mike’s website has been inspiring people to travel the world independently since 2013. He has partnered with some of the world’s biggest tourism boards and travel brands as well as being featured in some of the largest top tier print and TV media, including the BBC, The Guardian, USA Today and many more. After leaving his former career as an emergency charge nurse three years ago when blogging became far more profitable, Michael has turned his blog into a full time business and focuses on growing his brand whilst still managing to set off on at least a few adventures every year. 

Michael will show how to build a business from your blog.

TBEX Europe 2020 Speakers

Travis Levius is a freelance writer and editor, content creator (@misterlevius), and travel writing coach. After quitting his teaching job in Atlanta to pursue the unknown across the pond, he somehow stumbled upon a career that’s brought him on Indonesian yachts, face-to-face with Easter Island’s mysterious moai and in “Prince William and Princess Kate honeymooned here” villas in the Seychelles.

His writing has appeared in print and digital publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, The Telegraph, Vogue, CNN Travel, Forbes Travel Guide, Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveler.

Travis will explain how to woo travel editors and score freelance writing gigs.

TBEX Europe 2020 Speakers in Italiano

Sante J Achille lives and works in Italy out of L’Aquila, a small medieval town close to Rome. He has an engineering degree, has worked for major aerospace organizations including the European Space Agency (Noordwijk – Netherlands), and has been working on the web since the very beginning of the commercial World Wide Web in 1994.

With over 25 years of hands on experience in the digital marketing arena, Sante has reviewed and optimized hundreds of websites and successfully cooperated with small local companies and large multi-national corporations in the definition of their digital strategies, offering a wide spectrum of expertise essential to the success of a project. Sante is a seasoned bi-lingual web marketing consultant with staff offering services in organic placement and search advertising. 

Sante regularly attends and speaks at search marketing conferences in Europe and teaches SEO and web technology related courses. Sante is the Majestic Brand Ambassador to Italy, and has been Conference Chair at SMXL Milan in 2016-2017-2018 and stepped down in 2019. He recently spoke at TBEX North America 2019 on the use of Structured Data for Travel and Tourism.

Sante will share his knowledge on the Google Search Console.

Gianni Bianchini and Ivana Greslikova run the popular and successful travel blog, Nomad is Beautiful. Founded in 2013 the blog focuses on digital nomad lifestyle, slow travel and exceptional travel photography and video, combined with compelling stories about locals and lesser-known places around the world. They travel slowly and with purpose, immersing themselves in each culture and its traditions so they can share their experience with valuable, practical tips, honest inside views and engaging stories that stand out with professional photographs.

Gianni and Ivana will explain how to embrace people photography.

Sharon Gourlay is a digital entrepreneur who is passionate about working online and the freedom it brings. After convincing herself and her husband that they should set off overseas indefinitely while building an online business at the end of 2014, Sharon not only pulled it off but built a successful travel blog and affiliate sites that have bought a life of freedom for her and her family. Sharon has since sold her family travel blog and concentrates on a Malaysian destination blog when not helping other bloggers achieve the same results. You can find Sharon at

Sharon will show how to get to that #1 spot In Google.

TBEX Europe 2020 Speakers

Scott Herder is a highly experienced photographer and videographer specializing in creating unique hyper-lapse videos. Scott was nominated for best time-lapse both in 2017 and 2018, and he has worked with major tourism brands around the world as well as global companies such as Kiehl’s. 

Scott will deliver a workshop on how to create hyperflow videos. 

Kerwin McKenzie is an author, speaker and ex-airline employee who travels on average over 250,000 miles a year. He writes up-to-date airport, destination and ground transportation guides plus airline flight and hotel reviews with a mission to motivate airline employees to use their travel benefits at He’s flown 179 airlines and visited 124 countries and teaches travelers how to be loyal to travel brands at and shares 365 unfamiliar destinations at

Kerwin will deliver the first timers session.

Rachel Heller is a blogger and teacher-trainer living in Groningen, the Netherlands. Raised in the US and educated at Yale, she met her Dutch husband when she served in the Peace Corps in Malawi. With two grown kids, they have entered the “empty nest” phase of their lives, leaving more time for independent travel. Rachel’s blog, Rachel’s Ruminations, looks at independent travel with a focus on individual historical and cultural sites/sights.

Shobha George is a travel writer and former corporate lawyer. An American expat living in London, England, she travels as much as her family schedule allows. Her primary website, Just Go Places, provides travel inspiration and guidance for families who enjoy independent travel of all kinds with their children. The site’s ethos encourages families to travel in order to give their children first-hand experience of the world, peoples and cultures. 

Rachel and Shobha will discuss how to promote responsible tourism in content creation.

Discover Catania

Our third round of TBEX Europe 2020 Speakers will join dozens of highly skilled travel professionals – plus more to be announced – who are preparing to share actionable information, effective tools, and innovative strategies with 500+ travel bloggers, online content creators, and tourism professionals.

Register now for TBEX Europe 2020 in Catania, Sicily, Italy, and join hundreds of travel and lifestyle bloggers, influencers, travel media, and  industry brands for four days of education, exploration, networking, and collaboration.

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