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Maybe you write traveler reviews on TripAdvisor. Well, here’s your chance to write for us in a more official capacity.

TripAdvisor for Business is coming to TBEX Dublin to find content creators for our popular new travel marketing blog. TripAdvisor Insights has over 155,000 page views in its first month alone. In fact, some of our most popular pieces so far have been from guest bloggers we met at TBEX Toronto earlier this year. You can see examples here, here and here.

As a TripAdvisor Insights partner, you can put your engaging content in front of a hospitality audience ranging from:

  • Executives at major hotel chains to B&B owners in Killarney
  • Cozy pub owners to managers of 4-star fine dining restaurants
  • And people who run attractions all around the world.

Your experience as a travel blogger means you’re a valued source of insights for the hospitality industry. You’ve seen and done it all. You know what travelers want. It’s time to share your expertise with the 2.7 million hoteliers, restaurateurs and attraction owners on TripAdvisor so they can better understand how to connect with their guests.

So if you want to join our community of travel bloggers, come say hi to the TripAdvisor for Business folks you’ll see around TBEX Dublin:

  • Dianne – Charming and welcoming, much like Dingle
  • Keith – The closest thing we have to a leprechaun

And for those of you who attended TBEX Toronto, yes, we’ll be bringing amazing chocolate bars again – with a chance to win awesome travel tech prizes! Keith promises to eat only a few chocolate bars on the flight to Dublin.

TIP: It’s shaping up to be a busy few days at the TripAdvisor TBEX table (lucky number 14). It’ll help if you bring a quick pitch that identifies a new trend or tips for hospitality businesses. All we need is your name, contact and blog information, and a three to four sentence summary of your idea – nothing too formal or fancy. We look forward to meeting you!

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  1. Boomer long-term travel options, including international house sitting and becoming a digital nomad at any age, are at the heart of what I do. Seniors have the time and often the money to create new adventures. Retirement is just the beginning of what comes next.

  2. We tried to get a speed date for you but apparently missed the window of opportunity! My sister and I are American baby boomers who travel internationally as often as possible and enjoy various sports (especially snorkeling) and write a travel blog that is intended to be humorous (and usually is)! We are both long-time contributors to TripAdvisor and I have an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing and have run Marketing for several large companies so am a blogger + a marketer. We have more than 10,000 FB fans and over 5,000 Twitter followers in a little more over a year. Check us out!

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