TBEX Speaker Post: Working with travel PRs and Tourist Boards


michael-collinsYou’ve sent numerous emails, you’ve pitched to the best of your abilities, you’ve even followed up with phone calls BUT you still seem to be getting nowhere with that PR person or Tourist Board representative. You may have even already featured their client in an article or blog post but now the conversation has suddenly gone quiet. Why?

Unfortunately there are usually a number of reasons why you are not getting the results you had hoped for – all of which I plan to tell you about in my session at TBEX Dublin. Working as a travel PR, with a background in journalism and publishing, I am lucky to have stood on both sides of the fence when it comes to media/PR relationships.

Let’s begin with the obvious – first impressions count! Travel PRs receive numerous media requests and pitches on a daily basis so you need to make sure that you spark their interest and stand out from the crowd. Saying that, standing out from the crowd is only beneficial if it is in a positive way.

In the case of Travel PRs and Tourist Boards, the first impression normally IS the last impression.

Travel PR’s are somewhat like elephants – they never forget and they have long memories, so make sure your first encounter is a positive one.

Here are some tips on how to ensure you are remembered for the right reasons:

  1. Manners cost nothing – Be polite and courteous. It will stand to you.
  2. Do your research – Know our clients and how we work.
  3. Be pitch perfect – Have your pitch prepared and ready. This is guaranteed to impress.

Once you have passed the first hurdle and built a relationship you then need to make sure you maintain it. Having a good working relationship with Travel PRs and Tourist Boards is essential as it will ensure the following:

  1. Invites are being sent for a press trip to a far off location. Travel PRs and Tourist Boards are likely to think of people that they know and have had positive experiences with – make sure you are one of them!
  2. Media outlets often liaise with PRs when they are in need of a travel-specific journalist for a feature, TV slot or radio interview – if you have impressed in the past then they are sure to recommend you.
  3. Need a favour? You’ll be in luck, but only if you have built up a good relationship.

Yes I know, it’s all well and good knowing how to maintain this working relationship – but how do you go about building it? I plan to tell you this and much more during my TBEX session in Dublin. During my session, I will also share some real-life examples with you of good and bad approaches and dealings between media and Travel PRs and Tourist Boards.

Come along on the day and you will be guaranteed to pick up handy tips and advice which are sure to help you in your future dealings with Travel PR’s and Tourist Boards.

TBEX Dublin speaker Michael Collins loves to travel. He is based between Dublin and Paris. Michael has worked in the Irish travel and media industry for 13 years. During this time he has worked as a travel journalist, editor and publisher, editing and publishing the magazines Backpacker Europe, Abroad and Irish Business Traveller. He has also worked in television and radio as a presenter and travel expert. Today Michael runs TravelMedia.ie, representing international tourist boards, hotels, airlines and tour operators in the Irish market. You can follow TravelMedia.ie on Twitter, too.

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