TBEX Speaker Post: Re-Think Video – Screencasting for Travel Bloggers


When we talk about video, everybody assumes that video requires complex equipment, a big crew and plenty of time and money.

But video can be much more that what we see on TV. Video in the web uses different forms that can help us promote and expand our brands. Yes, also for travel bloggers.

I am going to explain how to do a screencast, a tool normally used by gamers, to present travel related content to your users. A screencast is a video recording of what happens in the screen of your computer. It’s as simple as that.

And the best way to explain it is with a video:

As you can see, I’ve recorded my own desktop. Some of the things that you can use a screencast for is:

  • A how-to video on how to navigate your own website.
  • A how-to video on how to navigate and or use a brand website that you might want to promote.
  • Showing your travel pictures and explaining them in detail.

Some of the free tools that you can use to create screencasts are http://www.screenr.com/ and http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ . I normally use a program called Kazam in linux, that gives me some extra flexibility, but those two websites are an excellent way to start with screencasting.

Screencasting is one of the tools that allow you to create zero-cost video to expand your brand and engage your audience. At TBEX Dublin I will be explaining how to create live video broadcasts using Google Hangouts on Air, a fantastic tool that allows us to create zero-cost live video streams that reach millions of people. Not only that, it also allows us to create useful content because it records the live broadcasts.

eduardo-perezAfter 24 years working in Shipping for Chemical companies, TBEX Dublin speaker Eduardo Perez decided to pursue his passion and started working full time in travel blogging. He has a videoblog with more than 1600 short videos that he personally recorded in 35 countries. Several thousand people follow him around the world. You can find his main blog (in Spanish) at Hombrelobo, his twitter at @hombrelobo and his English blog at http://travel.hombrelobo.com.

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