TBEX Speaker Post: How to Nail Your Speed Dates in Dublin



amyjacksonAfter getting in the speed dating game at TBEX in Keystone, Colorado and Toronto, I’ve met my fair share of potential suitors. Some of those have led to exciting partnerships with TripIt, others have opened the door for future conversations, and some have fizzled out after the first date.

I will share which of those conversations progressed to serious relationship status in my session on Thursday at 2:00p, “Creating Successful Brand & Blogger Campaigns on a Budget.”

In the meantime, here are some do’s and don’ts to nail your speed dating sessions, and head home with concrete partnership possibilities.

  • DO Google your date ahead of time: If you’re a blogger, try out the company’s product or service before you meet. Might be tougher with destinations, but at least do some light reading. Obviously, this goes both ways, so marketers be sure to check out what each of your dates write about. (Bloggers, you can make this even easier to find by sprucing up your “About Us” page.)
  • DO talk about the future: Cut to the chase and find out what your date’s primary goals are. Are they trying to grow their readership? Differentiate their voice? Grow their social media presence? On the flip side, is the marketer focused on brand awareness? New users? Do they need content creation?
  • DO play up your assets: Most marketers track every dollar they spend against results, which means partnerships will need to deliver maximum bang for the buck. Think about what unique skills, perspective and ideas you bring to the table, and how you can use them to fill a need in their program.
  • DON’T wait too long to call: Follow-up quickly with recommendations on how you can work together to achieve your mutual goals (the more specific, the better).

In the spirit of the first tip, DO download TripIt to organize all your TBEX travel plans in one place. See you in Dublin!

Author Bio: TBEX Dublin speaker Amy Jackson is the director of public relations for TripIt and Concur Traveler Services. For more than 10 years, she’s generated national media coverage and pioneered social media programs for award-winning technology and consumer brands. Amy is a frequent traveler and a reward point geek. She’s especially passionate about mobile apps that make life easier, 5-star hotels and local cuisine.

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September 25, 2013 12:47 pm

Helpful post, thanks Amy. I won’t be at Dublin but will keep these in mind for the next event. So, in terms of “cutting to the chase,” it would be okay to approach a marketer – after the 3-line pitch of “my blog is” with a question like “what are you looking for in blogger collaboration and how might (my blog name) play a part”? In real dating that’d be rather forward, but I suppose in these direct contact situations it’s appropriate ;).

Reply to  Alexandra
September 25, 2013 8:39 pm

Hi Alexandra – yes, the speed of the dates calls for being much more forward than you would be on an actual date. 🙂 Nailing the elevator pitch is a great conversation starter.

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