TBEX: Questions & Answers About the Acquisition by BlogWorld

We were pleased that the recent announcement about being acquired by BlogWorld was met with a ton of support and positive feedback.  There were also a lot of questions.  Our goal is to keep everyone as informed as possible, so we put together this Q&A of the most common questions that we were asked.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments and we will make sure to address them.

How many TBEX events will there be each year, and will TBEX be held outside the US too?

One event for 2012 in the US is confirmed at this time (Keystone, CO). International TBEX events have been held in the past (Canada and Denmark), and planning for new international events is taking place currently. Expect announcements in the future with dates and details for upcoming TBEX events. Frequency of TBEX events in the US and internationally will be detailed in announcements over the next few weeks.

Will the TBEX event stay in Colorado beyond this year, or are there plans to move it to different venues?

TBEX events typically visit different destination venues each year. With the diverse selection of travel destinations, a repeat visit to Colorado in the future is possible.

Will TBEX be folded into BlogWorld?

TBEX will remain a separate event, in separate destination venues, on different dates from BlogWorld.

Will TBEX clash with the Travel Track at BlogWorld?

There is no travel track at BlogWorld 2012 in NY, so no clash.

How will speakers and sessions be planned for TBEX events?

Conference session planning for the upcoming TBEX event will be taken over by BlogWorld and overseen by a small planning committee from BlogWorld and TBEX, more details to be announced early next week.

Will TBEX continue to be affordably priced for travel bloggers?

BlogWorld will keep the TBEX event affordable for travel bloggers. For reference, BlogWorld made a lower priced pass–including an extra event day too–for bloggers, podcasters and Web TV content producers at the upcoming BlogWorld event in NY–specifically to bring more value at an affordable price for new media content creators. That mantra of high value and rich content for an affordable price will be applied to TBEX, so travel bloggers can expect a great experience that won’t break the bank.

Will TBEX be more like BlogWorld & New Media Expo than in previous years?

The BlogWorld team will apply their expertise to provide a smooth-running, organized and professional event for new media travel writers to enjoy. The TBEX event is a distinctly different event from BlogWorld & New Media Expo, however, with TBEX maintaining a comprehensive focus on educational, business and networking benefits for travel bloggers. TBEX will continue to have tabletop exhibits featuring travel industry resources, educational conference sessions and networking events focused on furthering travel bloggers’ success, and you can expect the number of attendees and exhibitors will increase. BlogWorld’s longstanding mission for new media content creators will be applied to TBEX: to help new media content creators learn how to create better content, grow their audiences and distribution, and monetize in smart, sustainable ways.

Will celebrity appearances be a focus?

The focus is on quality content, education and networking benefits for the travel blogging community. If there is a celebrity with direct relevance to travel bloggers’ interests who wants to present, they will be considered. But the content quality and needs of travel bloggers will guide all speaker selections.

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  1. For those of us who submitted to speak at TBEX, have you chosen the speakers for this year? How has the acquisition impacted that process and when we will be notified whether we made the cut? Thanks. Glad to see the merger; just not sure where this leaves our speaker proposals.

    1. Chris

      All proposals are currently being reviewed and we’ll be working with the selection committee to finalize the schedule very soon. We’ll be sending out an email today to everyone who submitted a proposal with a new timeline and what to expect.

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