TBEX Meetups Around the World: September 21-22, 2012

TBEXers are a global group – I’d love to see a chart of how many time zones we represent at any given moment – but that means that not everyone will be able to be at every event. Such is certainly the case for the upcoming TBEX conference in Girona. We’ve been seeing notes on Twitter and Facebook for awhile now from people who are threatening (in jest, I think? I hope?) to block the #TBEX hashtag so they aren’t being constantly reminded of what they’re missing in Girona.

Now, while I wish I could say that the TBEX science team* was working feverishly on a teleportation device that would beam y’all in at the last minute, we all know that’s not going to happen. Still, if you can’t make it to Girona, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a TBEX meetup where you live.


We’re encouraging TBEXers all over the world to get together for an informal meetup sometime during TBEX Girona (September 21-22) – make an extra-large batch of sangria, or meet at a tapas bar, for a bit of Catalan flair – and tweet photos of your meetup using the same #TBEX hashtag we’ll be using. It may not be possible to get all of us into the same room in Spain, but there’s plenty of room for all of us in that limitless room we lovingly call the interwebz.

So, will you plan a local TBEX meetup on September 21 or 22? If you do, tell us about it – we’ll add details to this post, so you can refer more would-be attendees. Tweet us the information, email me, or post a comment below.

Let’s make the #TBEX hashtag a flurry of meetup photos from all over the world! Who’s in?

* Two things. 1. TBEX does not have a science team, although, how cool would that be if we did? 2. We can see Instagram photos from Mars, but we still don’t have teleportation. SCIENCE, PLEASE GET ON THAT.

TBEX Meetup Details

Leave it to NEW YORK CITY to get things started. The quartet of @britseeingstars @lazytravelers @butterflydiary and @amysho were the ones who inspired this post in the first place, so BRAVO. They’ll be meeting up at Professor Thom’s at 8pm.

Who’s in SAN FRANCISCO & wanting to meet up this week? The folks at @Jetpacapp will be grabbing tables at the Thirsty Bear from 5:30-7pm in the bar area (no reserved seating). Get more info from them via Twitter.

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