TBEX Europe 2020 in Catania re-scheduled for later this year

Dear TBEXers,

We have made the decision to re-schedule TBEX Europe 2020 in Catania until later this year.

This decision was made in an abundance of caution to protect the safety of our attendees, sponsors, staff, hosts in Catania and their respective families, loved ones and communities.

We are discussing the best possible dates with our hosts in Catania now and will have final news on that for you very soon.

We have been closely monitoring the news about Coronavirus (covid19) since it was initially discovered in Wuhan, China and have been constantly evaluating how developments could impact our event and everyones travel plans.

On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States raised the travel warning from level 2 to level 3. This is still in effect and the CDC recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to Italy. On Saturday Vice President Pence announced during a press conference that the CDC was raising the travel warning to level 4 for parts of Italy. For a level 4 travel warning The CDC recommends that travelers avoid all travel to affected areas within Italy.

Taking these travel warnings in mind as well as other countries advising against traveling to some parts of Italy, we are confident re-scheduling TBEX Europe 2020 is the most responsible thing to do for everyone involved.

Reports from Italy continue to affirm that travel in the country remains safe, particularly in Sicily. We’ve heard from many of you that your biggest concern is not catching the virus; it is becoming stranded or quarantined. Our concern mirrors yours.

We have made a public notice of this change on our blog here. If you are attempting to change flights or obtain a refund from an airline, hotel, or other provider, please refer to this email or the blog post.

If you are still planning on traveling to Catania and Sicily in the next week or two, we have been told by our friends in Catania that they would still like to offer several of the Pre-BEX Post-BEX Tours and FAM Trips that were planned to happen before and after TBEX.

We have sent all attendees to TBEX Europe 2020 four questions to determine if they still plan to travel to Sicily between March 7th and March 20th. This will allow Catania and their partners to plan accordingly and accommodate TBEXers who still plan to visit.

We will continue to update you as we learn more, and are excited to share our new dates for TBEX Europe 2020 as soon as they are finalized.

Until then, the entire TBEX team and I thank you for your understanding and support, and wish you safe, happy travels.


Rick Calvert


TBEX Events

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