TBEX Europe 2015: Content Track Sessions

We’ll be rolling out announcements about all the TBEX Europe 2015 over the next couple weeks. We offer five tracks of education and professional development. Content, Commerce, and Community are blogger tracks, and we also offer TBEX Business, two tracks oriented for travel industry professionals.

First up, take a look at our sessions on offer in our Content track.

The Podcasting Opportunity: Enhance Your Content, Expand Your Reach, Grow Your Authority & Revenue

Speaker:  Nathaniel Boyle

Description:  Podcasts are booming. On-demand audio content just went mainstream. But where are all of the travel podcasts? With over 800-million people on iTunes alone, adding a podcast can be the best way to enhance your brand, expand your reach, create new revenue, connect with new audiences, and deepen existing connections. Audio content does not have to be expensive and difficult. We’ll explore the state of travel podcasting, along with successful case studies. Then I’ll show you how to design and launch a show with minimal cost and effort to produce to capitalize on the podcasting opportunity.

Takeaways: Having a podcast can allow you to reach a new audience beyond the written word. Adding an audioblog can be a great way to connect with new audiences while deepening the connection with your own. 3 simple ways to add a high quality podcast to your blog or brand, easily and affordably. While podcasting is booming, opportunity is still wide open for travel media producers to carve out their niche.

Skill level:  Intermediate. You should know the basics of podcasting and have an interest in learning more.

How to Craft the Perfect Lead

Speaker:  David Farley

Description:  Whether you prefer to spell it lead or lede, the first paragraph of your story is the most important. In this session you’ll learn what’s important to include in your lead and how to make it tease your story and keep readers wanting to know more.

Takeaways:  Learn how to write a compelling lead using the tools of journalism and great story telling.

Skill level:  Advanced. This session is for those who have a good mastery of story telling and are interested in honing their craft.

Improve Your Travel Photography by Working from a Shot List

Speaker:  Ralph Velasco

Description:  A shot list is a list of the types of images for which you should be on the lookout.  This is a concept that’s been around since the dawn of photography, and some people simply use a piece of paper and pen, a spreadsheet or a notes app. A shot list provides a framework that will put you head and shoulders above the unorganized photographer who’s just out to shoot whatever he or she may stumble upon.

Takeaways:  Learn how to create your own shot list and set goals for your photography that will increase your effectiveness and maximize your revenue streams.

Skill Level:  Intermediate. This session is designed for photographers who are looking for ways to increase their effectiveness in the field.

How to Integrate Beer and Wine Content to Your Blog

Speakers:  Erin De Santiago and Brett Domue

Description:  While culinary tourism is a growing niche within travel blogging, beer and wine are virtually untapped. There are a lot of beer and wine blogs, but not a lot of travel blogs who successfully have incorporated these topics. This session is designed for bloggers who are aready writing about culinary topics and are looking for a way to more fully explore and integrate beer and wine content into their repertoire.

Takeaways:  Learn about:

  • Programs and Websites to Learn More and Build Authority
  • Define your sub-niche within Beer and Wine
  • Beer and Wine Social Media Platforms and Apps
  • Beer and Wine Twitter Chats and Blogging Themes
  • How to Write about Beer and Wine without Sounding Uneducated or Pretentious
  • How to Find Breweries and Wineries on Your Travels
  • How to Make the Most of your Brewery and Winery Visit or Press Trip

Skill Level:  Advanced. This session is for bloggers with robust reraderships who are looking for additional types of content to add to their blog.

How to Make a Great & Engaging Travel Videos by Yourself

Speaker:  Caleb Wojcik

Description:  Making great videos is already hard enough without adding the complexity of having to travel with all the equipment, always shooting in a new location, and having ridiculously slow Internet connections. In this session you’ll learn how to plan out your videos in advance so you’re crafting a story, how to figure out the point of each video, how to have a consistent look and feel to your videos even if you’re in a new location every time, and what video gear is the best to travel with (no matter what budget you have).


  • A list of travel friendly gear for making great looking videos on the go.
  • A blueprint for how to set-up your video equipment every time so there is consistency throughout your videos.
  • A storyboarding / game planning worksheet for making each of your videos.

Skill Level:  Intermediate. Attendees should have a basic understanding of video use and production, with an interest in how to create better video when traveling on their own.

Think Like an Expert:  Using Reseach to Bring Your Story to Life

Speaker:  Bret Love, Mary Gabbett, Natalie Holmes

Description:  Writing a well crafted story doesn’t start when you embark on a trip or sit down at a keyboard. This session will focus on research tools and tips that will bring depth and texture to the stories you are writing.

Takeaways:  Learn research tips and tecniques to improve your writing.

Skill Level:  Intermediate. This session is designed for bloggers who already write well and are looking to improve their craft.

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