Never been to Huntsville?

Or, Alabama even?

Close your eyes. What do you imagine you will see? Hear? Feel? Find? What sort of people will you meet?

Are you envisioning the Alabama you see in the movies?

Well, get ready! Because, let me assure you, Huntsville is about turn you upside down and shake you like an Etch-a-Sketch. Forget everything you think you know about us and let us show you who we REALLY are.

Oh sure, we can be moonlight and magnolias but we’re also moon shots and missions to Mars.



TBEX and the Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau are welcoming a blogger press trip to the Rocket City. Eight selected bloggers will tour Huntsville, November 2nd-4th and experience for themselves why we say, “We’ve got Space.”


If you love the great outdoors and would prefer nothing more than getting out and soaking up the wondrous beauty of nature, we’ve got you covered.

  • Land Trust of North Alabama ensures that Huntsville/Madison County is home to five nature preserves with two new preserves on the way. Plus, they maintain another 60+ miles of public trails.
  • The city of Huntsville currently has 57 parks which cover over 3,000 acres of land.
  • Huntsville is also home to Monte Sano State Park covering another 2,140 acres.





If there is a subject matter on which to muse, we’ve got an “eum” to do it! Huntsville diverse culture and community has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to museums. Here are just a few examples:

  • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Huntsville Depot Museum served as the local passenger house & the corporate offices for the eastern division of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad. An active passenger station until 1968, the original depot building now stands as a symbol of Huntsville’s transportation history and city growth.
  • The U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum is an educational institution for the purpose of historical preservation, public display, and public education.  The museum is dedicated to promoting and disseminating the accomplishments of American military men and women. The U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum displays more than 30 historical military vehicles from World War I to the present, as well as tableaus, artifacts, and other memorabilia dating back to the Revolutionary War. The highlight of this exhibit is their Ford Pygmy, the oldest known surviving example of the vehicles that became the jeep.
  • The Huntsville Museum of Art, a nationally-accredited museum fills its galleries with a variety of exhibitions throughout the year, including prestigious traveling exhibits and the work of nationally and regionally acclaimed artists. The Museum’s own permanent collection includes more than 3,000 objects.



Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama Constitution Village, birthplace of Alabama,
Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama Constitution Village, birthplace of Alabama,


Whether you’re a finger-painting prodigy or a rock star diamond in the rough, Huntsville fosters creativity in all its forms.

  • Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment is the largest privately owned arts facility in the United States. With a focus on visual arts, this huge historic factory building has been redeveloped into 133 working studios for over 200 artists and makers, 6 fine art galleries, a multi-use theatre, and performance venues.
  • Tangled String Studios, located at the historic Lowe Mill, combines the creation of high-quality custom musical instruments with music performance and production. This is a complete luthier shop (that’s a fancy word for “cool place that builds guitars and such”) dedicated to skillful and patient manipulation of nature’s gifts to create beauty for sight and sound. This studio is dedicated to understanding the creation of sonic art, music’s impact on friends and the community at large, and the crafting of professional media.
  • Southern Growler is the South’s premier ceramic growler provider (that’s a beautiful beer jug to you and me, folks.) At Southern Growler, they believe that your growler “should be as unique as the individual that carries it.”





I.e. the fun stuff. We’ve got lots of these but, here are some personal favorites.

  • The results are in for USA Today’s Best Southern Fine Dining restaurants poll and the winner is right here in Huntsville, Alabama, – Cotton Row Restaurant. Cotton Row features an ever-changing menu focused on unique offerings of inventive dishes, “driven by seasonality and locality.”
  • Pizzelle’s Confections brings you artisan truffles and confections with unconventional flavors and pairings. Sisters Michelle Novosel and Caitlin Lyon bring their lifelong love of fine chocolate, candies, and art to every creation. Pizzelle’s is an eclectic mix of edible art, culinary exploration, and quirkiness. Every confection is handcrafted on the premises in small batches using fair-trade chocolate and quality ingredients. At historic Lowe Millsince March 2013, Pizzelle’s Confections is the place for Huntsville’s chocolate lovers.
  • Craft Beer. (Seriously, I don’t know what else to say. It’s delicious, we have lots of it, come try it.)





And, all of this is just the tip of the Saturn V!

To Apply

We are looking for bloggers who can provide storytelling, photography, video, and/or service pieces showcasing who Huntsville really is.

Bloggers should be prepared to submit a Google Analytics screen shot upon request.

Please fill out the application HERE, taking note of a few specific details:

  • Please make sure that you are available for the dates specified (November  2 – 4). You are expected to participate for the entire duration of the trip.
  • Applications are for individuals, there are no group or couple application form. Every person must fill out the application form.
  • Round trip airfare and ground transportation to Huntsville will be covered. Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific flight, flight time, or routing.
  • Ground transportation and activities on the press trip will be covered. Gratuities, personal purchases, and any items not included on the itinerary will be an individual expense.
  • Travel insurance is strongly recommended.


Please fill out the application form HERE. The application process will close on October 5th 2016 at midnight Pacific Time. Selected participants will be notified the following week.



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