TBEX North America 2022 Speaker - Kerwin McKenzie

6 Ways to Ensure You Get the Best Airline Seat When You Travel

by Kerwin McKenzie I see many people complain that the airlines are not allowing them to sit with their families together when they travel, or the seats are too small, or they have a middle seat, etc. Yes, I understand these complaints; however, the airlines do present us with choices, so here are my suggestions

Last Minute TBEX Travel Tips Before You Cross the Pond/Border

  I’m sitting here in Santorini looking out on the gorgeous, tranquil Aegean waters and jagged cliffs of the caldera. My pre-TBEX relaxation is in full effect, but the 30-hour journey was very humbling for this road warrior. Here are some to help your travels go smoothly, and get the most out of TBEX:  

It’s a Free For All!

As a travel blogger, you understand that travel is more than, well, travel.  It’s about discovering a new way of life in a different part of the world, while discovering more about yourself. And the more you travel, the more you want to keep moving, because if there’s somewhere you haven’t been, that’s exactly where

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