Workshops Offered at TBEX Asia Pacific 2016

We’ll be offering intensive small group workshops at TBEX Asia Pacific 2016 in Manila, Philippines, giving participants a chance to work hands on in a way that isn’t possible in shorter sessions. These workshops are perfect for anyone looking to do in depth skill building is business related areas. Check out information about our workshops

Top Ten iPhone Hacks For Every Traveler

  While carrying around a bulky DSLR camera and telephoto lens might never be a thing of the past, it’s safe to say that most travel writers can take photos with their iPhone that will “wow” their social media audiences and be of image quality that is suitable for many print magazines. Note that these

How to Use a Shot List to Tell the Complete Story of a Place

The very idea of capturing a quality set of images that truly represents a destination can be an overwhelming thought, especially when that place is a large city, like Havana, or a country, like Cambodia, or a region of the world, such as Tuscany or Patagonia. By being on the lookout for a variety of

Why Photography Matters as a Travel Blogger

As travel bloggers, our primary role is that of content creators. We weave stories from our experiences to share with our readers. We have a number of mediums to do that. The main four, in my mind, are Video, Audio, Text and Photography. None of these are easy, and like any skill they all take

Are You Taking Great Pictures with your iPhone?

  You should be. We all know that we have a better camera on our phone than most people ever owned even a few years ago. We all know that we are sharing those images, and we all know that images engage far better on Facebook, and are what make Pinterest and Instagram so insanely

Announcing TBEX Cancun Photography & Writing Workshops

We’re excited to announce that we’ve extended our new small group workshops to TBEX Cancun. If you’re interested in some extended time to hone your craft, these workshops, led by award winning instructors, are a value-priced add on to your TBEX Cancun registration. Both workshops are offered on September 9-1oth, 10 am-4 pm (time approximate),

Two More Workshops at TBEX Athens: Photography and Design and Technology

We’ve added on two more small, hands on, in depth, highly focused workshops for TBEX Athens and they are now open for registration. These workshops provide a chance to work closely with an expert in the field, getting specialized attention, and answers to the challenges YOU face. It’s a chance to get up close and

TBEX Speaker Post: Want to be a better travel photographer? Stop sneaking shots.

  One of the most challenging aspects of travel photography is photographing people. I mean truly photographing people and capturing their spirits, not just sneaking a shot when they’re not looking. And this is often magnified when we travel through regions where locals have unique and striking facial features as well as vibrant native attire.

Travel Bloggers: 5 Photography Composition Tips You May Not Know

  Most travel bloggers serve double-duty as both writers and photographers, even though we tend to be better at one than the other. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, however, you can learn easy techniques to improve your photography and make it more visually appealing. Today’s guest post by Kim Olson gives you five

The Instagram Exodus: Photo-Sharing Alternatives (and a Warning)

  As soon as the details of Instagram‘s new Terms of Service were announced, users started jumping ship. I can’t recall how many people I’ve seen in my own Twitter and Facebook streams saying they had already deleted all of their photos and their entire account, but even if I’m extrapolating from that small sample

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