Reflections on TBEX 2014: Dublin, Ireland

  Last year, TBEX came to Dublin. It came, it saw, and it most definitely conquered. Hundreds of the world’s most influential travel bloggers brought their unique vision and vibe to Dublin in 2013, shared their love with every connected corner of the world, and left behind an amazing sense of possibility. For one wonderful

Finding the Music in Ireland

  It would be difficult, indeed, to travel through Ireland for any length of time without coming across some of its unique music. There are many places to find the music – just about any pub will, if they don’t have music themselves, know where the nearby sources are. My advice is to go off

TBEX Dublin: 5 Sites to Visit After You’ve Seen the Relics in the National Museum

  Ireland’s National Museum of Archaeology is fabulous – and free. You’ll be amazed at the treasures kept safe in Irish bogs for thousands of years. Bronze jewelry, entire suits of clothing and even delicate parchments have been unearthed across Ireland. While an afternoon at the National Museum of Archeology is a wonderful gateway to

TBEX Speaker Post: Dublin, City of Storytellers

  It’s so fitting that TBEX is coming to Dublin, a UNESCO City of Literature. Has there ever been a city more influenced by its writers and shaped by the arts? The renowned Irish literary tradition, boasting four Nobel Prize winners, is constantly looking forward, embracing new styles and forms of writing. And now a

TBEX Sponsor Post: 3 Dublin Visitor Tips from Real ‘Dubliners’

  How are you going to make the most of your time and experience the real Dublin when you visit for TBEX? Here at our motto is ‘Don’t just visit, live it’, which is why we asked some of our hosts in Dublin to tell us how they would advise people to spend

TBEX Sponsor Post: The Secret is Out – Dublin Has a Great Outdoors

  Close your eyes and picture Dublin in your mind.  What do you see? What if we told you that right on Dublin’s doorstep, only a short drive or bus trip away from the city centre, you could find yourself bouldering over large outcrops slap bang in the middle of the fantastic Dublin Mountains  or

TBEX Sponsor Post: Calling All Culture Vultures

  Dublin is a city that is famous the world over for its distinct history, literature, heritage, tradition and vibrant contemporary cultural life.  It is a culture vulture’s paradise, bursting with a cool café culture, inspiring libraries, fascinating museums, beautiful galleries, historic buildings, thriving theatres and cultural centres. If you are a history buff, a

TBEX Speaker Guest Post: Creative Email Marketing for Travel Bloggers

  Travel bloggers are a funny group. Dangle a new social media outlet in front of them and they’ve got a username and password faster than they can upload a snapshot of tonight’s dinner. Ask them how they use their email list, and they usually answer, “Ummmm, I’ve been meaning to work on that.” Email

TBEX Sponsor Post: Bridging the Differences of Travel Bloggers in Europe & the USA

Almost 240 years ago a group of upstarts in a backwater colony decided to declare independence from the United Kingdom – then the most powerful Empire on the planet. But it wasn’t just political freedom that emerged from this act of revolution. The emergence of new personalities, characteristics, and even language evolved as a result

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