TBEX Europe 2020 Speakers

Third Round of Speakers at TBEX Europe 2020 in Catania, Italy

Our third round of TBEX Europe 2020 Speakers will join dozens of highly skilled travel professionals – plus more to be announced – who are preparing to share actionable information, effective tools, and innovative strategies with 500+ travel bloggers, online content creators, and tourism professionals.

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Discover Catania

Discover Catania: TBEX Europe 2020 in Sicily, Italy

The second largest city on the island of Sicily, Catania is centrally located along the eastern coastline. The city is one of few Italian destinations to offer profoundly unique topographic disparity concentrated in such a small area. To the west, snow-capped Mount Etna (a UNESCO World Heritage site and nature reserve) towers 3,326 meters (nearly […]

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First Round of Speakers at TBEX Europe 2020 in Catania, Italy

The first round of speakers at TBEX Europe 2020 is a collection of 12 highly skilled professionals who will provide travel media – including tourism brands, content creators, influencers and vloggers – with constructive information, tools, and innovative strategies for success in the current travel and tourism space. TBEX’s 22nd travel bloggers conference in Catania, […]

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