Cancun Highlight Reel

If you were at TBEX Cancun, see if you spot yourself in this highlight video. If you weren’t, see what you missed. There’s still time to register for TBEX Athens, where’s we’ll be announcing TBEX 2015 plans. Be there!  

Good Morning Riviera Maya: A Video Look at TBEX Cancun

Just a peek at what you missed in Cancun Do those voices sound familiar? Those are the voices of TBEX community members Sue and Kevin McCarthy. Don’t miss out on all the fun we have planned in Athens – register now.

Hasta Luego Cancun

With its warmth of spirit, as well as temperature, Cancun welcomed TBEX attendees to sample its hospitality and culture during a week of TBEX activities and events. Whether you did it all, filling your schedule with as many activities as possible, or enjoyed a slower pace from a hammock or by the pool, we hope

Live from TBEX Cancun: #TravelSkills Chat

  Are you a travel blogger or someone who dreams of being one? If yes, then pop in on our “pop-up” #TravelSkills chat with @Gogo TOMORROW at 8 am CT (9 am ET). Topic:  How to Live the Life of a travel blogger! Chris and Johnny are live at the Travel Blog Exchange in Cancun this week

The TBEX Effect

Hello TBEX Friends, As you gather this week in Cancun we hope you reflect fondly on last year’s conference in Toronto. You certainly shared your experiences here at the time: 30,000 tweets (we counted), 500+ blog posts (we counted those too). And look what happens. People take notice. Just this week Vogue Magazine named Toronto’s

Moon Palace: Snap a Picture, Win a Free Stay

  Moon Palace Golf & Spa resort welcomes TBEX attendees to Cancun for what is shaping up to be an amazing event. We hope you find time to explore our resort, Cancun’s largest resort and premium entertainment destination, through special activities we’re offering exclusively to TBEX attendees: Surfing Lessons on Flowrider 8am – 9am available

A Story From the Best Friends You’ve Never Met

  Successful brands like Starbucks have made their fortune offering a consistent experience for everyone – every visit is the same, no matter who you are. But my hunch is that if you’re an avid traveler, having the same experience as everyone else is not what you’re all about.  If your blog is about what

4 Tips for Navigating TBEX

Walking into TBEX is a little like taking those first tentative steps into your high school reunion–you’re in touch with a few folks regularly and a bunch of others you may know only in passing, your entire relationship based on a Retweet here, a “Like” there. This is where the power of online interaction runs

Ultimate Guide to TBEX Cancun

  TBEX Cancun is just about to get started. If you’re joining us, here’s the information you’ll need to get the most out of the event. We hope it’s everything you want and need to know, all in one place. General Conference Information TBEX Cancun is September 11-13 at the Moon Palace Arena (located at

Special TBEX Promotion Offered at Rio Secreto

In 2005 a Maya farmer was chasing an iguana when he came upon a hole that caught his attention; upon looking into it the farmer saw that it was very deep, and so he set about making it bigger in the hope that he would discover a “cenote”, which in his culture represents both a

Upcoming Events

TBEX Europe 2023

May 8th – 11th Pelopennese (Kalamata, Greece) Filoxenia Resort

TBEX North America 2023

July 17th – 20th (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) United States

TBEX Africa 2023

October 17th – 20th (KwaZulu-Natal, Durban) South Africa