Spud Hilton to Keynote at TBEX Europe 2016 in Stockholm


Are you tired of reading the same old stories, with nothing new and merely a re-hashing of the same old facts and information? San Francisco Chronicle Travel Editor Spud Hilton is. And being on the receiving end of that kind of story treatment, he has a thing or two to say about it.

That’s just one of the reasons why we’re excited to announce that he’ll be keynoting at TBEX Europe 2016 in Stockholm.  – and he’s going to challenge and motivate us to dig in and find new and better ways to tell our stories, regardless of our medium or platfrom.

Spud is the Travel Editor of The San Francisco Chronicle and SFChronicle.com. He is a 28-year journalist who has written about, reported on and been hopelessly lost on six continents. His section and his storytelling — from Havana’s back alleys to Kyoto’s shrines to the floor of a hippie bus in Modesto — have earned 11 SATW Lowell Thomas Awards. Spud has been featured on “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” Peter Greenberg’s Worldwide show for WCBS, and Rudy Maxa’s World, and “Quest Means Business” on CNN International. He was the keynote speaker for the Hawaii Tourism Conference in 2015.

Register today and make sure you’re in the audience to hear Spud Hilton and “Building Better Stories.”

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