Share Your Stories From TBEX North America 2016

P1020089We enjoyed the thrills of roller coasters, flying over the United States, we danced in the streets, we were rolling on the river, and we enjoyed all sorts of of great food and drink. We discovered that Minnesota is not only home to a thousand lakes, but is also home to a thousand stories.

We learned helpful tips and tricks to master our favorite platforms. We learned techniques that can improve our craft and build strong communities around what we do. One tip, one tactic, one glimmer of an idea that can turn into a sound business strategy is what gets most people excited about attending TBEX, and keeps them coming back time after time.

And, of  course, it’s about the people. People like you.

We want to here your story about TBEX North America 2016. Whether it’s a story about the conference, a party, or what you learned that is changing how you work. Whether it’s a story about someone you met, a business deal you put together, or an idea you have for a new project. Whether it’s an experience from a pre-bex activity, a post-bex FAM trip, or you discovered something about Minnesota on your own travels.

Please click on the link below to leave a title and link to your story. We’ll share these with our hosts and their partners.


  • Submit your story and link only once. This service is moderated and it may take a couple of days for your story to appear.
  • Only submit stories related to your attendance at TBEX, participation in the events, and your time spent exploring Minnesota. Do not submit previously published work.
  • Fill out the form correctly with the permalink to your story. In the “name” box, please use the title of your story (and NOT your blog name or personal name).
  • Our hosts want to know about your experiences as a way for them to prepare reports and analysis of the benefit of hosting TBEX and the content that comes out of it. Please help us send them clips by including your story – whether you write it now, next week, next month, or a year from now. We all know that our experiences have a way of creeping into lots of stories.
  • We want stories, videos, photography, podcasts, etc. All forms of content and storytelling is welcome.
  • Click on the button below to add your link.


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