TBEX North America Session Preview: How to Manage & Monetize a 26k Member Facebook Group

Brandon Neth, Speaker, TBEX North America, Lafayette, LA

In an ever changing digital world, bloggers, YouTubers, Influencers, and anyone with an audience is fighting for “reach” and exposure. Even more important than clicks, is how to stay top of mind once someone discovers you. How will you stand out from the others? The answer is building a community.

Everyone knows growth is essential to build a successful brand, but community is the key to longevity, monetization, and real engagement. It’s crucial to separate these two things, especially once you’re ready to monetize.

One of the best ways to create a thriving community, is with Facebook groups. Yes, Facebook isn’t as trendy as TikTok or Instagram, but FB groups offer something these other platforms don’t – a real chance to engage and build a community. This in turn creates a unique opportunity to build loyalty and eventually monetization.

Data has shown that people spend more time in Facebook groups for a number of reasons:

#1 – Facebook is promoting them and the algorithm loves it! This creates the ability to reach a targeted audience without spending money on ads, and an opportunity to discuss in-depth topics that you can’t otherwise through a TikTok video or an Instagram photo.

#2 – People join and engage in these communities for a common reason, and they want to be a part of something. They ask questions, answer questions, debate, and form bonds that are hard to replicate on other platforms. The best part, everyone else in the community gets to see this, even if they don’t participate. The opportunity to learn from a large group in incredibly valuable in the travel space.

#3 – Uniquely intimate access to an expert. Other platforms aren’t focused on this, and accounts are often managed by a VA. To get real answers, you often need to send a DM and hope for a response. That also means it’s just the two of you, which limits reach, throttles growth, and limits engagement with your community. Facebook groups solve all this.

All this coupled with fairly good native analytics gives you the ability to make your group something special. When you can provide real value to your community, monetization will come, organic growth will happen, and everyone wins.

Come learn at: How to Manage & Monetize a 26k Member Facebook Group. We’ll discuss useful tips and tricks that will help you grow faster while avoiding the pitfalls we all run into at TBEX Lafayette! 

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