Introducing SafetyWing: Building a Country Online with Nomads and Travelers

SafetyWing’s mission is to build a global software-based safety net with borderless health insurance, remote pension, income protection and more. Their team is a part of and creates products for a fast-growing community of digital nomads, remote workers and travelers. Their vision of the future of work and travel is borderless and globally inclusive.

They are creating a fleet of products that will remove geographical borders as a barrier to equal opportunity for everyone, no matter where they were born or where they are now. Right now, SafetyWing has two well-established products: 

  • Nomad Insurance: A flexible travel medical insurance that functions globally and protects you against unexpected issues that may arise while you’re on the road. Apart from medical emergencies, evacuation, trip delays and more, it also offers coverage for Covid-19 treatment and unexpected quarantine. It’s affordable and can be used as a subscription!
  • Remote Health: A comprehensive health insurance for remote teams. This insurance works globally, so you can hire the best talent in the world and make sure they have the best remote benefits available. 

Over time, this product offering will expand until there is a complete safety net – supporting SafetyWing’s overall mission to build a country online.

How to build a country online

SafetyWing team launched Plumia—the moonshot mission to build an internet country for digital nomads. It’s a type of umbrella brand for SafetyWing, and will hopefully act as a catalyst for the overall mission by increasing the global mobility rights of people everywhere, whether that’s through launching more products or working with governments around the world. Eventually, citizenship will not be something that you are born with but something that you can choose, where a digital country transcends borders and provides equal opportunity and a safety net for everyone.

How can I get involved? 

Both SafetyWing products and the direction of Plumia are created with the help of a community of nomads and travelers. The perfect place to start is their Ambassador program!

SafetyWing ambassadors regularly influence new and existing products through a continuous cycle of feedback. Their Ambassador community is active – from monthly rewards to bigger projects, they always have something in the works to provide more value for you. For example, they just announced the chosen candidate for their Dream Job campaign – an amazing travel content creator, Pema, will be starting a round-the-world trip, funded by SafetyWing, to visit 10 different countries and find the best coworking spaces in each location. Keep a look out for content on SafetyWing socials for an update on how she is getting on.

In-person events and gatherings have resumed too – their latest Ambassador community gathering was in beautiful Turkey, with keynote speakers and workshops. 

If you want to join SafetyWing’s Ambassador program, follow this link. If you’re unsure and would love to get to know the team first – you can meet them at the TBEX conference! 

Come and meet us! 

Apart from their SafetyWing booth at the conference check out what else they are organizing: 

Keynote talk – October 14th
“​​Building the First Country on the internet with SafetyWing”
by Ines Boutemadja, the General Manager of Nomad Insurance. 

Workshop #1 – October 13th

Be Yourself: Building a compelling and authentic brand image
Join this live workshop to receive a clear roadmap to building a grounded, trustworthy image on social media and how to make the most of brand opportunities.

Workshop #2 – October 14th

Affiliate success: use brands you love to get paid
Learn from the SafetyWing team who has worked with hundreds of partners and gathered, for this workshop, the best practices to earn significant dollars as an affiliate.

Social Media Contest:
Create a post on your social media that answer one of these questions: 

  • What’s your most underrated favorite digital nomad spot? 
  • How did you decide to become a digital nomad? 

And tag them @nomadcities! If they reach 100 mentions, everyone who participated will get a $50 gift card, and you can keep an eye on the live process bar at their booth.

If you’re interested in exploring a potential creative partnership with SafetyWing, or just want to come and hang out with the team, visit their booth or workshops at the conference!

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