Press and FAM Trips: What is Expected of You?


As a content creator in the current travel space, DMOs, Tourism Boards and Regional Tour Operators can be a brilliant and vital connection for discovery and adventure. Tourism marketing is BIG business, and these organizations are on the hunt for bloggers, videographers and travel influencers to help advertise their destination on a global level. Press Trips and FAM (Familiarization) Trips are routinely included in annual tourism marketing budgets, and selecting an ideal group of travel influencers who are committed to effectively promoting a destination is a serious – and pricey endeavor.

What is a PRESS Trip?

Press and FAM trips are typically four or five day fully-hosted excursions including meals that feature delicious local cuisine, comfy accommodations, and exclusive access with renowned docents/guides for experiencing regional highlights and attractions. However, the MOST important and often unspoken rule is this:


Participants are expected to deliver content, and deliver it well 

I’ve Been Invited – What’s Next?

We’d like to share a few relevant blogposts we’ve discovered that define the spoken (and unspoken) guidelines for Press Trip attendees:

A Travel Bloggers’ Guide to Press Trips (The PlanetD)

Rules for Attending Press Trips (Kit Graham via Windy City Blogger Collective)

An Insider Guide to Press Trips for Bloggers and Influencers (Sidewalker Daily)

The “Press Trip Blacklist”

We’re also including a post from Angie Orth which importantly identifies what NOT to do as a Press Trip participant. The “Press Trip Blacklist” is alive and well in the cyber world, and your behavior on any hosted trip can quickly and permanently determine whether you receive future invitations:

10 Tips to End Up on the Infamous Press Trip Blacklist (Angie Away)

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