Jameson Distillery, Cork

Jameson Distillery, CorkAn island brimming with antiquity, folklore and rebirth, Ireland beckons us with mystique and intrigue. The tangled western coastline of its Wild Atlantic Way gives in to lush, emerald hills and meandering rivers leading to the calmer waters of the Celtic Sea. Here, Ireland’s Ancient East spins a compelling narrative dating 5,000 years, complete with towering castles that have withstood the tests of time and tumult. The eastern coast comprises dozens of fishing ports and traditional villages, each teeming with legend, lore, and enlightenment. They lead to the capital city of Dublin, a sophisticated, yet traditional urban center boasting a world-class culinary scene, trendy boutiques, and notably impressive arts + design influences. Yes, tradition and contemporaneity thrive on the Emerald Isle.

Dublin Foodies Scene

And so we’ve created a selection of six Post-TBEX Europe 2017 tours to tantalize your tastebuds, stir your soul, and satisfy your adventurous spirit as well as your quest for knowledge.

Limerick, Ireland

The Post-BEX activities will be offered on October 6th and 7th, the days immediately following #TBEXIreland in Killarney. Before we send you over to take a look at the tours and activities on offer, please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions listed on the Post-BEX Tours page. We are a community of free spirits and adventurers but we need your cooperation in following these guidelines in order to successfully sign you up for the activity/tour you select.

Keep in mind that you may select ONE tour from either the Pre-BEX OR the Post-BEX activities. Requests to participate in more than ONE activity will not accepted. This allows that ALL of our TBEX participants will be able to enjoy a Pre or Post-BEX activity. We are finalizing the Pre-BEX Tours for TBEX Europe 2017. They will be announced within the next few weeks. 

Begin the process of signing up for your TBEX Europe 2017 Post-BEX tour here.

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