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TBEX North America 2022 Tri-Cities Washington speaker, ConciergeQ Media’s Lynn Mason-Pattnosh guides everyone from professional actors to CEOs to influencers—of all kinds—on performance. At TBEX, look for Lynn’s session, Performance & Charisma Coaching: Are You Ready for Your Close-Up, if you are ready to go on camera and enhance your content, brush up on your interview skills or even sharpen your interview and/or Zoom skills.

Lynn Mason-Pattnosh is the executive producer and host of ConciergeQ Media. She is also a casting director and performance expert, who has worked on Emmy-winning TV (including casting the pilot of “Arrested Development”), film, and media. ConciergeQ Media is a recognized and respected travel and entertainment brand, delivering award-winning URHere Travel all-access festival and event coverage from such events as the Sundance Film Festival, Sun Valley Wine Auction, Dent Conference, The Mother’s Ball, and elrow. A Top 100 Influencer and Brand at the Rio 2016 Olympics via Onalytica, ConciergeQ Media strives to deliver travel coverage with a distinctive point of view.

Lynn recently sat down with TBEX to answer a few questions about her background in performance and upcoming Tri-Cities Washington sessions.

Q: When did you first become interested in travel?

A: My family owned and operated the Goldman Hotel in Pleasantdale (now West Orange), New Jersey. The resort was the social hotspot to see and be seen at during those years. Although my family no longer owned it, I grew up hanging out by the pool and starting my lifelong love of hotels and hospitality.

Then, after college, I worked for Caesars Tahoe Palace in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. At Caesars, I started to connect the industries of hospitality and entertainment.

One simple correlation, in hospitality, all the behind-the-scenes action happens “back of the house,” while in theatre, actors and crew work “back stage.”

However, the parallels of the two are seamless in many ways. In fact, after I created ConciergeQ, which we like to say is “where travel meets entertainment,” I interviewed Harry Chancey, Owner and General Manager of Kingsbrae Arms in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, Canada. Mr. Chancey concurs and sees common threads between the entertainment and hospitality industries, as “When things go as planned, everyone is entertained, enlightened and amused.” 

I love Harry’s quote about travel and entertainment! I also love when someone “gets” ConciergeQ instantly, like Harry.

Lynn Pattnosh

Q: But before ConciergeQ, you actually worked in Hollywood as a casting director?

A: Correct! I worked as a full-time casting director, mostly in TV and film for about fifteen years in Los Angeles. Some favorite experiences were casting the pilots for “Arrested Development” and Darren Star’s sitcom version of Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential.” If you remember, Bradley Cooper was cast as Tony. I’m still very proud to have been on Team Bourdain—such a great experience.

However, some of my favorite experiences, at that time in my career, are the classes and coaching I did with actors of all levels and ages. Casting and teaching professional actors is so rewarding.

Q: What can TBEX attendees expect from your session?

A: I love to share my passion for performance and every single travel creator who wants to better engage with their audience needs to go on camera—today! Social media is screaming for everyone to put their “best face forward.” So, it’s time to do just that!

Next, you can also expect to participate. Honestly, it makes my job harder (and not nearly as much fun) if I am speaking about performance without allowing my audience to engage, and maybe even perform too. This goes without saying, but you’ll learn more than a few take-a-ways that will improve your on-camera performance skills in a concrete manner.

I absolutely love questions too. Please remember: There are no dumb questions, especially when it comes to performance and the entertainment industry. I might even share a few travel host casting breakdowns/calls too! I will, of course, cover how to deal with nerves and stage fright. Overall, you will become a more confident and stronger performer—whether on camera or behind a mic performer, in a meeting or simply in your daily life.

Q: If you had to share just one performance tip for travel content creators, what would it be?

A: Remember to smile! Even if you are being interviewed on the phone or for a podcast, think of something happy, sensual or funny and break into a big smile. When you smile, your body releases endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin — all of these magnificent chemicals saturate your brain, elevate your mood, reduce stress, and relax your body. Smiling will give you a positive emotional and physical lift before you even begin speaking. 

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