Turning Your Passion for Travel into a Full Time Job: 5 Tips from Those Who Made It Happen

Donna Hankins

Many travel bloggers make the mistake of thinking that it’s impossible to turn their passion into a full-time job. The heroes of this article would say otherwise. Despite obstacles and challenges, these travel bloggers have achieved their dream of blogging for a living. Travelpayouts has collected their stories in the hopes that they will inspire you on your journey.  

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1. Take a leap of faith; you won’t lose anything by trying.

Starting something new is always scary — the feeling of confusion and uncertainty can be overwhelming. But taking that first step, while the hardest task of all, is the most important one. You may stumble at first, but once you get going, you’ll gain momentum, and your drive and motivation will skyrocket. 

Gabriele, the creator of, started her blog while working an unfulfilling job. For her, writing about travel and researching authentic experiences seemed like an absolute dream, so she created a blog that would serve as a resource for people traveling in or moving to Spain. 

A few words of wisdom from Gabriele: 

It’s crazy how much that thought inspired and motivated me. Something that shaped me a lot is my background and growing up as an immigrant in Germany. I saw my mom work hard to make it in a new country. Even though I appreciate everything she did and will be forever grateful, I always knew that I wanted to have a better life in the future. So, I thought, if one day I could make a couple of euros from my own project, how awesome would that be?”

Read Gabriele’s full story. 

2. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. 

No matter what you do in life, believing in yourself is essential. When something doesn’t go your way, don’t get mad at yourself for making mistakes; instead, try and learn from your mistakes. Think back to when you learned to ride a bike or play a sport. How many times did you fall or get hit by the ball? Success is achieved by never giving up. 

Isabelle, the creator of, began her blogger’s journey with an Instagram page in 2016. Shortly afterwards, she started a blog but quickly dropped the project. It wasn’t until 2020 that she decided to try blogging again. Now, she’s quit her 9-5 job to pursue blogging full-time. 

Read Isabelle’s story.

3. Be patient: You’ll see traffic and income soon enough. 

The main motivation killer among beginner bloggers is the lack of instant results. It’s important to understand that affiliate marketing is not a quick process; you have to be in for the long haul if you want to see good results. On average, it takes about 2-3 years for a blogger to receive a substantial income. Yes, this may seem like a long time, but ask yourself: do you want to be where you are now in 2-3 years, or would you rather be well on your way to a new life of travel and opportunity? 

If you’re looking for inspiration, read the story of Sarah and Matt, the creators of the They’ve only been blogging for two years but already have generated a profit and gained a loyal audience.          

Here are some words of wisdom from Sarah and Matt:

“Persistence makes a successful content creator different from one who fails. No one starts a blog and is successful overnight. In fact, most people won’t start seeing a return on their investment of time and money for many years. It’s a long haul and you have to be patient. But, if you are persistent and continue to create high-quality, SEO-optimized content, in time, your traffic will grow, and your blog will become successful.”

4. Never stop learning.  

Gaining new knowledge is never a bad idea. Even if you abandon blogging down the line, everything you learn along the way will stick with you. Moreover, educating yourself, whether through courses or research, will bring you new ideas and new connections. 

Education doesn’t always cost money. In fact, there’s a lot of free information available right now. For example, Travelpayouts has a free Academy with courses that can teach you about affiliate marketing from scratch.

Here’s what Gabriele has to say on her experience: 

“I am a big advocate for investing in educating yourself. I have spent A LOT of money on blogging courses, Pinterest courses, SEO courses, and more. And I am not ashamed of it! Nobody should be ashamed about investing in their education. The truth is, I could have just used the trial-and-error approach. Maybe I would have figured out how Pinterest works, how to rank on Google, and why backlinking is important. If I had gone down this route, who knows if I would have put affiliate links on my blog yet? Most likely, I would have gotten frustrated at some point and stopped blogging.”

5. Don’t forget about SEO.

Here is what Sarah and Matt have to say about the importance of SEO:

“The single most important thing you can do to increase your blog traffic is to utilize search engine optimization. Having a website that is optimized to rank within different search engines and focusing your content around optimized SEO keywords is absolutely critical to your blog’s success.”

To understand where to get started with SEO, check out this free course from industry expert Sharon Gourlay, designed specifically for travel bloggers. 

If you want to read more inspiring stories, visit the Travelpayouts blog. Our partners talk about how they got their start, and share their strategies, recommendations, and life hacks. Read how to earn as a solo travel blogger, how to earn while helping the environment, and how to make five figures monthly from several blogs.

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